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Bank Robbery Serial Heist APK

Current Version: 1.1

@ XionTech

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2.3 and up+
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Rated for 18+, Extreme Violence
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burglar robber game serial killer theft smart bank robbery app mafia heist

Yes exactly, this time you are the world best unknown gang's robber and leader of the burglar gangs. The new thrilling 3D First Person Shooter (FPS) crime robbery game of 2017 serial heist is out for action. The most realistic robbery app in on your android phones.

In your last notorious bank robbery mafia heist attempt, you have been chased by the detectives and caught by the police and Special Forces group and jailed as your former gang betrayed, colts and doubled cross you.
Now you have successfully broke the prison, sprawl you are out of the jail, run away from imprisonment and out of cash and no bank account. You have some scores to settle with all the smart mob and secret agent elite. Rob the banks on your own get all the cash from the bank account and tell the police and your former gang that who is the boss now!

Plan and execute series of bank robberies, you will take control of all the raging bank robbery, you have to rob the high security banks, use your advance weapons and escape tactics to get to the destination point where your new team members will be waiting for you in a car to escape from the police and bang bang. And make history in the world of serial bank robberies ever planned and executed!

Police, detectives and Special Forces group are looking for underworld elite killer, broke the imprisonment and burglar to solve the dangerous criminal case who has escape the prison in theft auto , police scanners, get away from the police and involved in notorious mafia wars gang beast in many wildest vegas crime scenes. You have jailbreak and escape from prison break and get away from the police in ruthless gun shooting shootout between cops & robbers with advance weapons ak-47, colt commands and shotguns

After multiple warnings and series of attempts from terrorists to steal the money from the banks and bank accounts, the banks are highly monitored and secured by special elite police forces and smart mob. The police force have clear orders to take all the necessary actions, sprawl and eliminate any threats to the banks and the money. They will not take any serial prisoners this time around, they will shoot to kill! The crime chase is on with police car chases and auto theft, robbery, bank robber, cross firing, encounters, heists, heat shootout, advance automatic weapons and get your ex- reputation back

Now it’s very difficult for you to rob the banks on you own. You have to stealth & plan the robberies and bank robbery very smartly and tactfully avoid prion escape and own the gangster town. The cash and funds in the banks are heavily guarded by elite forces and safes are secured by the alarms, threat alarms. Carefully plan your entry and stealth find the safe, open the safe quickly, crab all the cash and money in the bank and escape from the back and don't hesitate to eliminate and kill any law enforcement and elite force who come in your way and carry out the biggest bank robbery ever.

All cash, funds and money in the banks are waiting for you and secret agent elite missions. Lead the team of raging bank robbers and steal the money on your own. You have the weapons trainer, colts, will, and training, weapon simulator, m-16 assault gun, special encounter, and a brilliant mind to execute the most dangerous heists of all time. So don't waste your time! Just download and play the most challenging FPS crime robbery 3D game to become a notorious bank robber.

• Smooth and Easy 3D FPS controls
• Precise shooting with AIM targets
• Unique stealth bank robbery simulation game
• Addictive secret agent elite missions
• High quality 3D graphics
• Immersive stealth gameplay
• Wildest cross shooting and shootout series
• Amazing sound effects
• Realistic robbery app environments
• Exciting and Challenging Missions
• Variety of advance weapons (Berretta, Guns, Colt Commando MI-16, AK-47, and Shotgun etc.)


232+ total
5 138
4 26
3 25
2 8
1 35
What's New
*** Bugs fixed
*** Game play improvements

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