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Speedometer Speed Tracker- HUD GPS Speed View APK

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Monitor your current, max and average speed with HUD GPS speedometer tracker

The new amazing speedometer App is available for Android users and it is for free. Your phone is now a fully functional analog/digital speedometer with GPS-based Speedometer showing the speed of the device it is installed on. At the same time the app is also a speed alarm to save you from speeding tickets as it shows speed is both with an analogue gauge and as a digital value. In this Speedometer Speed Tracker- HUD GPS Speed View you can monitor your current speed, max speed, and average speed and also trigger the alarm if the speed exceeds the max speed limit which you have selected as a tripmeter, analog and odometer.

GPS Speedometer App Features
• Analog and digital speedometer based on your mobile phone's built in GPS
• Speed can be displayed with different units: kilometers per hour (km/h), miles per hour (mph)
• Supports different scales including Kilometers per hour (km/h), meters per second, miles per hour.
• This mobile speedometer also features a speed alarm. Set a speed cap and your phone will warn you.
• Max Speed
• Current Speed
• Average Speed
• Speed Limit alarm
• You can enable or disable alarm
• Put it on dashboard for monitoring speed during your journey
This mobile GPS speedometer App features a fully functional speedometer with both analog as well as digital speed display. Analog meter shows speed just like your car's speedometer and digital speedometer will show current speed, max speed and average speed in digits as an odometer.
Max Speed:
This feature shows you the max speed you have reached and help you adjust your speed as per the speed limit on the road.
Average Speed:
This feature will show you the average speed on which you are travelling. This will help you to calculate the millage and time it will take to reach your destination
Speed Alarm
This feature allow you to set the speed limit alarm to avoid violating the speed limits. As soon as you go beyond that speed, the alarm will start buzzing. It will alert you if you go beyond your speed limit. You can have many possible ways you can use this alarm.
Please do not use the app and your mobile while you are driving, stop the car in parking area and then set your app according to your choice and then start driving and journey.


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** Bug Fixes
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** Precise location and speed

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