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Can you hold your home in the face of a zombie tsunami?.
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Blocking Zombies is a free-style horizontal tower defense game. The game is a doomsday theme, and the gameplay is also very rich.
In 2100, due to the global shortcomings, the world's regions have produced strange germs, which will erode people's consciousness and turn human beings into irrational zombies. In the absence of global scientists' research and development measures, they have not been The infected people decided to give up the world, flee to the extremes of the Earth, the South Pole, and establish concentration camps.
The superior orders the squad that codes for me to be "live", search and rescue the survivors, and bring back to the Antarctic concentration camp. You are the highest commander of this squad, and command your subordinates to resist this disaster!
There are a total of 40 levels in the game, and you may get a surprise after you complete the 40-level challenge.
The difficulty of the game will increase as the level increases, so remember to upgrade your soldiers and your props.

game rules:
There are 40 levels in the game, and there will be more advanced levels waiting for you after the challenge completes 40 levels.
After entering the level, reasonably place your soldiers against zombies.
You can't let go of any zombies, or your own base will receive an attack and announce the end of the game.

Game features:
Zombie theme doomsday defense game
Simple and easy to use
a zombie style that doesn't get bored
Radical background music
Smooth feel

Come and download this free zombie tower defense type game!

Welcome to join the zombie battle!
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