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Last updated: Sunday, January 15, 2023

Plus Card - free debit card with cashback points.

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Plus Card is a free debit card with cashback points in Yandex services and other stores. And she lives in this application.

Briefly about how everything works here:

Manage Map
Here you can open it and immediately replenish it. Pay for purchases and make transfers, track your balance and view history. All movements of your money are on the screen.

Earn Plus Points
From each purchase with the Card, 3% points are awarded in Yandex and 1.5% outside it. Cashback is added to all the subscription points that the services accrue, and falls into the Plus piggy bank - here it is always in front of your eyes.

Watch out for splits
Buy now, pay later - with Split. Now it's even easier to divide the cost of purchases into 4 parts: all your splits are in a prominent place. Track your payment schedule and pay directly in the app.

And be positive
We give for opening a card 90 days of Plus Multi subscription to those who do not have it yet. Add the whole family: watch movies and series on Kinopoisk, listen to tracks, books and podcasts in Music, and get points for purchases. 4 accounts, 3 months and 0 ₽.

In general, use. Keep for updates. And remember that our support is always there.

License agreement: https://yandex.ru/legal/plus_card_license_agreement/
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Карта Плюса APK 0.58.0 Update

Что нового? Ну, во-первых, год — с чем ещё раз можно поздравить! А во-вторых, новая версия приложения после капитального ремонта сбоев и свежей работы над ошибками.

What’s new? Well, first of all, new year — сheers to that once again! And secondly, the new version of the app after major bug repair and recent work on mistakes.

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Aug 30, 2022
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Карта Плюса
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