King Of Thieves: Rob In PvP APK

Last updated: Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Steal gems, build your defenses and win guild wars in the Arena!.

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King of Thieves: Rob in PvP game

Steal gems, build your defenses and win guild wars in the Arenas in this unique blend of arcade, platform and multiplayer PVP game!
Compete with players around the world! Create your own guild of thieves and break into the enemy’s dungeons.
Learn ancient spells to become the most feared thief in the game!

PLEASE NOTE: the game is extremely addictive and inevitably leads to increasing the number of your friends.


STEAL TREASURES TO BUILD YOUR COLLECTION. Stealing is fun! Collect gems and gold from other players to become the wealthiest thief in the world.
DEFEND YOUR LOOT. Design a dungeon defense, place traps and platforms to prevent others from stealing your treasure. See them being caught in your traps. No escape, muhaha!
LEARN ANCIENT SPELLS. Collect unique gems from magical spheres, learn spells and get stronger. Use the power of the Ancient Totem to defeat your opponents!
JOIN YOUR GUILD AND FIGHT IN THE ARENAS. Find reliable thieves and declare war on other guilds. Lead your guild to victory through different arenas to earn epic rewards!
CLAIM THE THRONE. Dive into the action, improve your skills, and compete with other players around the world to rise through the leaderboards. Upgrade your throne to improve your thief skills.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR OUTFIT. Choose a cool costume which perfectly suits your personality. Be a stylish thief, stand out from the crowd!
TRAVEL AND EXPLORE. Test your agility through 112 single-mode levels or dive into an underground world of user-generated content.

Ready to meet the challenge? Game on!
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King of Thieves: Rob in PvP APK 2.57.1 Update

1. Check out the brand-new Christmas Cards feature! Share the holiday cheer with your opponents, collect unique items, and use them to open special gifts!

2. New player-designed dungeon layouts!

3. Two brand-new costumes, including one of the most popularly-requested costumes in the King of Thieves community!

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King of Thieves: Rob in PvP
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  • 4.3 [ 1.3M+ ]
  • 10M+ downloads