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ZERODOR - Seu analgésico do século 21! APK

Relieve your aches after 3 minutes with this amazing method.
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The description of app by: Ronaldo Ayres

Ronaldo Ayres is one of the most respected paranormal in Brazil, responsible for the treatment and healing of influential people, such as politicians, businessmen and celebrities.

From childhood, he had noticed that he had strange sensations, but he could not explain how they manifested themselves. As an adult, he had a strong intuition that he could transmit a kind of energy and contribute to the treatment of some diseases through the imposition of his hands, without the need to touch people. It was then that he decided to look for the Brazilian Association of Parapsychology (ABP), which constituted a high level medical team led by respected psychiatrist Dr. Raul Pessoa Sobral, who subjected Ronaldo Ayres to rigorous research for almost two years.

The investigation, of scientific character, was to verify the curative action of the paranormal powers of Ronaldo Ayres. Rigid norms for the acceptance of possible patients were established, who should have a fatal prognosis, have advanced neoplasms and with estimates of reduced survival. What is being sought is whether the energy transmitted by the therapist could change the course of the evolution of his illnesses.

At the end of the research, the scientists verified evidence that prove the paranormal powers of Ronaldo Ayres. Due to its importance and fundamental contribution to the recognition of the paranormal as a phenomenon, the research carried out began to appear in the Annals of the Brazilian Association of Parapsychology and, currently, it is cited as one of the most important paranormal therapists in the country and in the world, the seriousness of alternative treatments. Vital Energization came to be considered as a new acquisition of Science, increasingly researched and applied, in parallel in the most different fields of medicine, orthodox.

Through the ZERODOR application, Ronaldo offers affordable values ​​for his virtual energy therapy, with the power to alleviate and even cure chronic pain.

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