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제조알자 - 20만개 대한민국 제조사리스트 검색서비스 / 제조사&판매사의 커뮤니티공간 APK icon

제조알자 - 20만개 대한민국 제조사리스트 검색서비스 / 제조사&판매사의 커뮤니티공간 APK

The manufacturer hope! Application for activating the domestic domestic market.
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The description of app by: 굿대표

The manufacturer needs a distributor,

The seller needs a manufacturer.

Applications that all of us can do win-win

Korea Factory List 200,000 Search Service!

Private co-purchase (co-wholesale) service!

Item / seller / work / talent get bulletin board!

Korea's first manufacturing, distribution and sales integrated community!

to do.

It is branding our country.

※ point system

Membership (Business Card Verification) + 10000p
Membership (Cacao, Google, Naver) + 3000p
At the time of membership (when you input the ID of recommender) + 10000p on both sides
Manufacturer Information Comments (It is the content of 5 times above!) + 100p
Write community posts + 100p
Write community comment + 50p

-50p when searching
Reading -50p

The point system is a system for activating .
Points can be purchased through payment, but we recommend earning points through activities.
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