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ZZizzle (Unreleased) APK

na for Android 4.0 and up

david stegall

Wonder at what you learn. No need to spell or type. Just Say a Solution.

Package name: com.zizzlellc.powzzle

Delight at how much you know. Wonder at what you learn. . No need to spell or type. Just Say a Solution.

Single and Social Play. Puzzles have 5 Levels, each more difficult. Level A too easy? Move quickly to Level C or E. Choose your Level in Social Play, be challenged from the start. Everyone succeeds. All will be challenged.

Single Play - All players can succeed on Level A, with a little time. The first Clues to appear are for solutions you know. An Xtra Clue appears automatically. Succeed and gain confidence.

Once 20 solutions are entered - even if some are incorrect - the Grid Screen opens. The Clues Screen is still the most helpful.. Once 40 solutions have been entered, the Grid Screen allows players to Verify Cells, Solutions or the Entire Grid. The Disclose feature allows players to have ZZ enter the correct Cell or Solution.

Levels B and C become more difficult, but not too hard for everyone to succeed with time and a little patience. The First Clue on Level C is often more difficult than the Xtra Clue to increase the challenge

Soon, each player will be able to control the appearance of the Xtra Clue. A player will decide how quickly the Xtra Clue appears - 3 seconds - 5 - 8 - 12.

Level D becomes much more difficult. Clues contain puns, word play and ambiguity. Multiple meanings abound. Xtra Clues provide essential help on Levels D and E.

Social Play - each player chooses her/his Level of Play based on ability and confidence. Turns rotate automatically when a correct solution is entered. Notifications are essential in Social Play.

Social Play contains Chat capability. Play cooperatively. Chat an "inside" clue to a playing partner to help see a solution. Competitive players - use Chat to talk trash or taunt playing partners.

The Common Grid Screen shows each player's score based on correct solutions entered. Scoring will become more sophisticated as ZZ grows. Xtra Clues will reduce a player's score on Levels D & E.

In time, ZZizzle will become much more than a game. It will become A Community of the Curious, An Ever-Expanding Adventure and A Gateway to Entertainment. For now, enjoy the game!
What's New
- Bug Fixes
- Learn interesting facts about solutions with portals

Category: Puzzle Games , Similar

Date published: Feb 25, 2019

Current version: na

Requires android: 4.0

Content rating: Everyone