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Collect runes, explore uncharted, and defeat powerful enemies!.
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Airashī July 5, 2019

The moment I saw the way the artstyle looked and the way the music sounded like through headphones, I immediately fell absolutely in LOVE with this game! I cannot put it down and definitely have already recommended to some of my old-school RPG friends. This game is absolutely amazing. The devs made a perfect game👍👍
CUTKEY Studio July 5, 2019
Adventurers can love this journey; our efforts are also affirmed, this is the greatest compliment; thank you very much. We believe that good persistence will have a benign extension and interaction. Please enjoy this journey, we will continue to insist, and believe that some journeys can be remembered, thank you again.

Christopher Jonathan July 16, 2019

this game is pretty fun, we can get a lot of rune skills and combine them to get new combo, but i have a bit problem when trying to do a side quest, i have to search each map to find where the quest is, there are no indicator in the big map.
CUTKEY Studio July 16, 2019
Dear adventurer, thank you for the suggestion, we will try to add more indicator of quests in the future version.

BigKev403 June 18, 2019

Awesome old school RPG...this may be the best rpg ever. Iam so tired of the same build rpgs. This one has everything, I don't even mind the bad translations into English, in fact I think it adds to it. This rpg is also good for the brain, it makes you use it. And I love the funny story lines and character answers. It is like a choose your own adventure but way better. I play alot of games on here and review very few. I highly recommend this one. Awesome job devs.👍👍
CUTKEY Studio June 18, 2019
Thank you very much for your journey to the New World. The world is a certain belief. Perhaps the process of implementation is full of difficulties, but we do have persistence. We are very pleased that many adventurers like you continue to give us support and encouragement. Because there are you. We can continue to advance and work like this.
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The description of app by: CUTKEY Studio

“We do believe that some journeys can be remembered!!!”
Unique Quick Time Event combat strategy RPG. Collect runes, choose tactics, explore the unknown, and defeat powerful enemies.
◆ Exciting and fast-paced real-time combat.
◆ Different combat style for each monster. Adapt your strategy to survive!
◆ Visit uncharted regions, explore the unknown and encounter the unexpected.
◆ Complete missions and earn rewards.
◆ Find fortune and honor in the Arena.
◆ Single-Player. No Internet Connection Required to Play.
Let's adventure in Rune Clash: Rebirth's world!
What's New
1.The keeper of Raven bar will kindly tell adventurers where to deal with their mission now.
2.Other bugs fixed.
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