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Last updated: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Pizza Krone 35232 Dautphetal - Al Forno Fish Casseroles Pizza Pasta Salads Gyros.

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Welcome to Pizza Krone in Dautphetal. At Pizza Krone you can definitely order burgers, Indian, Al Forno, pizza bread, gyros and snacks online and have them delivered.
You can quickly order from our pizza service Pizza Krone from a large selection of varied dishes and perhaps have them brought quickly into your own four walls. We provide you with 163 meals. Pizza Krone Top-7 Our delivery times

Are you hungry and in the mood for pizza at Pizza Krone in Dautphetal? You can easily order 42 pizzas online with the family at Pizza Krone. Pizza Inferno, Pizza Parma to the desired location of your choice, Pizza Bhatti (8.50-9.50 €), Pizza Diabolo are available for 7.40-8.40 euros. You can get family pizza, spicy pizza, salami, mushrooms, mushrooms at Pizza Krone for 9.50 euros or pizza with pepperoni sausage.

The schnitzels at the Pizza Krone delivery service are also mouth-watering. Of course, you can also feast on schnitzel with us ... with various sauces or side dishes. Really good mozzarella schnitzel at your location, gourmet schnitzel, crispy and hot Parmiggiana schnitzel with ham and minced meat sauce € 11.00, asparagus schnitzel is brought to you for € 10.00, Milano schnitzel (€ 11.00), Holsteiner schnitzel wherever You also want brought and cream schnitzel.
We are looking forward to your visit! Pizza crown
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Pizza Krone Dautphetal
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