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Last updated: Monday, January 9, 2023

Collect the cutest dragons on the island in this fun dragon breeding game!.

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Dragon City Mobile game

"Dragon City Mobile" is a popular android game that allows players to breed, raise and battle dragons. The game features a variety of different dragons that can be unlocked and collected, each with unique abilities and strengths.

Once the game is installed, players can start by building their own dragon city and breeding dragons. Players can breed dragons by selecting two dragons from their collection and waiting for the breeding process to complete.

In addition to breeding dragons, players can also battle their dragons against other players in the game's arena. The game also includes a variety of other features such as tournaments, special events and the ability to trade dragons with other players.

To be successful in "Dragon City Mobile", players should focus on building a strong and diverse collection of dragons. It's also important to keep your dragons well-fed and well-rested to ensure they are at their best when battling other players. Additionally, players should take advantage of the game's tournaments and special events to earn extra rewards and bonuses.

One of the key features of "Dragon City Mobile" is the ability to unlock new dragons as you progress through the game. There are over 800 dragons available in the game, each with unique abilities and strengths. As you collect more dragons, you'll be able to create powerful teams to battle other players.

Another feature of the game that is worth noting is the ability to trade dragons with other players. This allows players to expand their collection and find the perfect dragon for their team.

Finally, players should be aware that there are some secrets and hidden features in "Dragon City Mobile" that can give them an edge over other players. For example, players can use special codes to unlock exclusive dragons or bonuses.

"Dragon City Mobile" is a fun and challenging game that offers players the opportunity to collect and battle dragons. With its variety of features, players can enjoy hours of gameplay, and with the ability to trade dragons with other players, the fun never ends.

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Dragon City Mobile APK 22.10.5 Update

Perks Update
- Lost one too many fights? Attach Perks directly before a battle to enhance your team!
- Find cool new visuals that let you know when you've got available Perks to attach.
- Attach multiple Perks at once to stack them even faster!
- There's also a dedicated Perks section in your Storage.
Head back to your Islands and improve your Perks strategy!

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Dragon City Mobile
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  • 4.7 [ 9.58M+ ]
  • 100M+ downloads