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Last updated: Sunday, January 22, 2023

Play games, upgrade your gaming skills and get real money rewards!.

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GameXpert - Play & Earn app

Have you ever wanted to earn money or gift cards while playing games?

It’s time to get lucky and get the money you deserve for playing! 🍀

Once you start playing, we track your active time in the game. Throughout the games, you will collect tickets that you can exchange for gift cards. 🎁

All you have to do is play one of our games and you will get your Paypal money, Amazon gift card, Steam voucher, Psn cards, Nintendo vouchers, Google Play Store coupons, iTunes gift cards...

Last but not least, enjoy a smooth game experience with no advertising in the games.

👩‍🏫 Here’s how it works:

🙂 First thing, get our completely free app: no in-app purchases, no deposit and no advertising.

😊 Once you open GameXpert, you can select a game from our offer wall: arcade, adventure, casual, strategic games, and more. New games will appear regularly in the app and give you the opportunity to discover something new every day.

😃 As soon as you start playing, our app tracks your time. The more you play, the more money you make. Check any time your score on GameXpert to see your progress. To win a gift card, you will have to collect a certain number of coins depending on the brand.

💰 Your gaming skills rank for the specific genre grows when you play games of the same genre. The higher you rank, the higher number of coins you'll get! 💰

🤑 Fetch your gift card as soon as you get enough coins. You can also cash out on your Paypal account and get your money in less than 2 days.

Sounds like an easy way to make some money, right? 🤯

Here are the gift cards you can earn depending on your location:
💫 Amazon
💫 Paypal
💫 BestBuy
💫 Google Play Store
💫 PlayStation
💫 Nintendo
💫 Starbucks
💫 H&M
💫 Zalando
💫 Steam
and these are just a few of them 😍😍😍

Don’t miss out on our tips to win your gift card faster:
📈 Withdraw rewards after the date of accrual
🤝 Invite your friends or family and get extra coins
💸 Each game gives a different amount of coins per minute, so be smart and select the games where you earn tickets faster

Let’s play and get lucky!
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