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পদার্থবিজ্ঞান শিক্ষার ভিডিও - Bangla Physics App APK icon

পদার্থবিজ্ঞান শিক্ষার ভিডিও - Bangla Physics App APK

By combining physics education videos, the app has been created in Bangla Physics.
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Physics and its speed science The English term "Physics" comes from the Greek phonic system, which means "Nature Knowledge". To say very abstractly, physics is the science that aims to understand the world around us.

Physics Translation from Ancient Greek The "nature" invented 'knowledge of nature' and its speed and behavior through space and time, along with the concept as such as strength and force. One of the most fundamental scientific branches, one of the main objectives of physics, is to understand how the universe can be behaved.

And we've created an app by combining the video of physics lessons from YouTube into this app, so that you can easily get the physics lessons from running the app.

Features of the app:

The development of physical science
Work, power and tough
The condition and pressure of the substance
The effect of heat on the object
Sound and wave
Reflection of light
Refraction of light
Steady power
The magnetic effect of electricity
Modern Physics and Electronics
Newtonian Mechanics
Work, power and strength
Structural religion of the object
Periodic motion
Ideal gas and cognition
Steady blow
Come electrical
Electromagnetic induction and directional flow
Geometrical optics
Gravity and gravity
Modern physics
Atom model
Physics Electronics

Physics Science Formula
Physics questions
What is the science of physics?
Department of Physics
The Importance of Material Science
Physics Science is the third branch of science
Physics ninth tenth grade
Physics Books
Physics Books Eleventh Class
bangla physics book
bangla physics book for class 9-10
bangla physics book for class 11
bangla physics class
bangla physics by zafar iqbal
bangla physics app
Physics 1st Letter
Who is the father of physics
Physics Olympiad Question
Physics Basic
The first lesson of physics pdf
The first lesson of physics
Physics vector
What is physics?

This app was created to learn "physics science" and to get ideas. If you like the app please encourage us with 5 stars and tell us your valuable feedback.

All videos have been added to YouTube from the YouTube API Rules / Neom as per the selection and no ads were blocked in the video. Even if the video owners have any objection, please email us at the address we will remove your video from the app within 24 hours.

- An Internet connection is required to view the video of the app.


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আমরা এই অ্যাপটির মধ্যে ইউটিউব থেকে বাছাইকরে পদার্থবিজ্ঞান শিক্ষার ভিডিও একত্রিত করে অ্যাপটি তৈরী করেছি যাতে করে আপনি সহযেই অ্যাপটি চালূ করে পদার্থবিজ্ঞান শিক্ষার বিষয়গুলি পেয়ে যান।

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