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This Islamic app describes the etiquette and right way of performing "Namaaz".

This is easy guide of performing Namaz and Hindi. Basically this app developed for those who can? T read Urdu / Arabic.
This app is very authentically describes the etiquette and right way of performing? Namaaz? (Prayer offerings, Tarkeeb is spread in Hindi). The author has very adequately explained the preparation procedures prior to commencing your Namaaz. For everything there is a valid reason and method that is expected to be followed and have to receive heavenly blessings of Allah. The author has not only re-iterated our learning but has also made a mark for our younger generation to understand their roots and culture. App Content is verified by the Mufti (Qasmi).

This app covers following topics.
- spread which Sharten (नमाज़ की शर्तें)
- Wajib and Sunnat spread which niyato (वाजिब और सुन्नत नमाज की नियत)
- WAZU will Farz, Wajib, Sunnat, mustahab and makruh (वज़ू के फर्ज़, वाजिब, सुन्नतें, मुस्तहब और मक्रूह)
- Spread will Farz, wajib, and Sajda Sahu (नमाज़ के फ़र्ज़, वाजिब और सजदा सह्)
- Masbook (मस्बूक)
- Takbeer-Tasmey-Tahmeed-Attahiyat (तकबीर-तस्मिअ-तहमीद-अत्ताहियात)
- AyatulKursi (आयतुलकुर्सी)
- Aitul Kursi
- Sureh Baqarah ka Akhri hissa and Dua (सूरः बक़र का आख़िरी हिस्सा और दुआ)
- Tarawih who spread (तरावीह की नमाज़)
- and More


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