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  • by Tkach Liiu
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  • Updated on: Jul 04, 2018
Guide you how to select landscape design for your home.
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When it comes to choose garden design, first of all you have to decide the type of home garden: classic, with ordered arrangement of the plants and lawn; rustic, country style, with fruit trees and a vegetable landscape garden; rocky, placing stones alternating with plants and water features; a Japanese Zen landscape design, with stones, water and plants, in order to represent the inner harmony of human; mediterranean, with trees and shrubs typical of this climate.
The choice of plants to be planted in the landscape garden, on the ground in the pots that they are, must be carried out not only in terms of taste, but also in the climate of your living area, available space, use (functional decorative) of the plant, of the position that they will occupy in your home garden, of the context and style of the house.
For a shady garden, you may choose plants that prefer the shade: ivy dichondra repens to cover the ground, which do not need mowing; primroses, crocuses and violet mammals will give you more and more abundant blooms every year; hydrangeas and climbing hydrangeas are beautiful plants that love the shade; rhododendrons (only if you have acid soil), the periwinkle that does not fear anything.
In the selection of plant species for any garden design, you are supposed to avoid plants with poisonous berries, presence of thorns, and privileged species that stimulate the observation of changes in the various seasons, with blooms with strong and diversified colors for the orientation and delimitation of some areas, as well as a stimulus to sight, while fragrant and perfumed plants with a particular structure can stimulate the sense of smell and touch.
Creating a corner of relaxation in a quiet space of your landscape design, covered with large fabrics and sheets and made comfortable inside by cushions, low seats and carpets, will allow you to isolate yourself in reading your books, to welcome friends and partners in pleasant evenings under the attractive landscape lighting. Firewood and pallets can become precious allies to furnish your landscape design; the pallet is workable and recyclable, just cover it with cushions, small mattresses and colored sheets, while the wood stacked for the winter can be transformed into tables and seats, stopped by wire and covered, like the pallet, with cushions and blankets.

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