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Last updated: Thursday, August 11, 2022

Interests MTs Class Attendance.

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The Class Attendance application is used to make it easier for students and teachers in the MTs MINAT Kesugihan Cilacap environment to easily manage attendance and school attendance activities.
Teachers can carry out the attendance process by scanning the student's ID Card QR Code when entering school.
When Successful Parents will get a notification in the form of a short message via a WA number
The official application for MTs MINAT Kesugihan
Contact Information Details please contact us at
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Presensi MTs Minat APK Update

Aplikasi Presensi Kelas MTs MINAT Kesugihan
Fitur Rilis Utama :
- Prsensi Scan IDCard QRCode Siswa
- Cek History Preseni Kehadiran Siswa
- Laporan Kehadiran melalui Akses Wali Kelas
- Penambahan Fitur Pengajuan Izin Absensi
- Laporan Kirim Notifikasi melalui Nomor WA orang Tua

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Aug 12, 2022
Presensi MTs Minat
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