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Last updated: Thursday, January 12, 2023

Indonesian Doctor Education Platform.

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Sejawat Indonesia helps doctors to continue to develop and improve their competence with various innovative features.

• Continuing Medical Examination (CME)
Helping doctors to improve their competence, keep up with the latest developments in the medical world, and add SKP points as a requirement for obtaining a practice permit. CME from Sejawat Indonesia is packaged interactively, accredited, and facilitated by doctors who are experts in their respective topics.

• Articles
Medium sharing the knowledge of Indonesian Doctors. In addition to getting the latest information about the world of medicine through interesting readings, doctors can also write and share knowledge at Sejawat Indonesia.

• Premium Journal
Sejaht Indonesia also provides access to various premium journals from various studies that are references for innovation in the medical world.

Download now and become the best doctor with Sejaht Indonesia!

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Sejawat Indonesia APK 3.4.8 Update

Kami melakukan pembaruan aplikasi Sejawat dengan berbagai perbaikan dan peningkatan performa aplikasi agar pengalaman Teman Sejawat lebih menyenangkan.

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