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iLACM™ intelligent Lift Axle Control Module APK

iLACM™ App configures IMI Norgren’s intelligent Lift Axle Control Module.
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The description of app by: AKTV8

iLACM™ intelligent Lift Axle Control Module is specifically designed for the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry and brings accurate electronic control to sense vehicle load and automatically deploy and lift auxiliary axles – lets driver focus on driving and ensures consistent and reliable axle control.
The system consists of an IMI Norgren Lift Axle Control Module (LACM), an Aktv8 Electronic Control Unit (ECU), wiring harness, control switch, assorted push-to-connect fittings, and a pressure protection valve for easy installation. The LACM’s core design is based on two brake-style relay valves integrated into a single unit providing excellent flow capabilities for rapid axle actuation and is more robust than spool valves that can suffer from contamination and temperature extremes.

Aktv8’s ECU with integrated Bluetooth connection via mobile App allows installers to set up each vehicle application with customer specific control parameters and helps technicians troubleshoot. ECU with 32bit microprocessor and integrated sensors and valves automatically controls LACM pressure, eliminating air regulator. With multiple control algorithms to choose from, each vehicle vocation (truck or trailer) has optimal lift axle control. Smart dash switch with optional onboard load monitoring capability, aids in maximizing loading of vehicle and reduces the risk of overload fines with manual up/ down override function. Over-the-air updates allow future enhancements and expandability.

Robust, rugged and tested to survive the aggressive heavy truck environment we deliver a state-of-the-art intelligent lift axle control system.
What's New
1. Updated controller firmware:
1.1 Fixed overpressure to LACM on initial deploy. System now deploys with minimal overshoot.
1.2 Set LACM pressure active control to be enabled while in motion or on an incline.
1.3 System diagnostic alert refinements.
2. Tablet Application updates:
2.1 Fix for changes to Algorithm setting not triggering an update in the manifold.
2.2 Updated language on UPDATE CONTROLLER FIRMWARE button to reflect new firmware version 137.


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