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Last updated: March 2023

For Decathlon Play Approved Partners to list sports events and coaching classes.

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This app is for Decathlon Play approved partners on-boarded to provide their listings of sports events, workshops, and coaching classes for customers on the Decathlon Play app and website. Once onboarded as an official partner, you can login to the partner app with your email ID. New partners who wish to be a part of the program, need to onboard with us first before using this app. This app gives partners the autonomy to create, edit, and manage their event listings and coaching classes.

Features :

Creation of Events :

- Define a sport for each event
- Define the age group the event is suitable for
- Addition of time / date
- You can choose whether you want the event to be public or private. (Public events are visible to all users browsing while private can be accessed through shares and invites to specific individuals)
- You can add a description for your event
- You can define whether your event is physical or online. (For online events, there is a space to add your Zoom, Facebook Live, or any other link. For physical events, you need to provide the location)
- Add up to 5 photos to give the users a visual reference of what the event could be like
- There is a provision to define whether your event is FREE or add a price. Once you add the price amount, the amount you'll receive per ticket after GST will reflect
- There is space to add in more details if you like, for example: if there's any equipment you'd like the participants to have or certain specific apparel or any other details
- You have the option to preview your event before you publish and make it live for users to see
- After an event is created, you can share the invite via email, whatsapp, social or any other channels

Manage Your Events :

- View details of your created event
- Edit your event option (while you're editing, the event is unpublished on the user side so you can publish it after editing)
- The option of quick share is available
- Managing your events allows you to see booking activity information: names of participants, the total number of tickets sold, the total amount earned from the event, etc
- You have the option to send a communication (in the form of an email) to all or a selected number of attendees through the app
- Once the event has started, do a check-in for the attendees

Creation and Managing a Coaching Class :

For creating and managing a coaching class, all the above details of "create an event" are applicable except for the below differences :

- Payments for coaching classes are received on a monthly basis
- For dates, add the entire duration of the coaching. If it doesn't have an end date, you can select to call it "ongoing"
- You will have the option of "Private" and "Public" Classes. The Private classes won't be listed and can be accessed by those invited
- Select days and timings in a week/month for your classes
- Define a Monthly Coaching Price
- Add details on the capacity, level, etc of each class
- For managing, apart from the same point : you have to select a month to see all the bookings.
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Decathlon Play Partner
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