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Last updated: Saturday, December 3, 2022

Freshly ground flour & masalas. Customised for health & taste !.

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At Poshtik, we provide a healthy option wherein our customers can order freshly ground flour which is according to their requirements & taste. We also provide our own combinations for common health conditions. We offer over 20 varieties of grains & seeds including sharbati wheat, oats, amranth, jaun, jowar, quinoa, ragi, bajra, soya, chana etc as well as flax seeds, chia seeds & many more.
To maintain the highest level of freshness we only stone grind when we receive an order. Most of the time you will receive a bag of flour which is warm! Stone ground flour retains a lot of the nutrients including the bran. It is easy to digest for the body therefore healthier.
Poshtik also grinds its own masalas keeping the aromas & taste alive. Besides that we have other fresh items like Besan (gram flour) & fasting foods like kuttu, singhada, samak etc. We also offer a wide range of healthy oats ranging from steel cut to quick cooking oats.
We also stock the choicest of dals & basmati rice for our customers.
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