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Last updated: February 2023

Practice skin cancer diagnostics on 20,000+ training lesions!.

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Enjoy an efficient and fun learning journey towards expert performance in skin tumor (benign and malignant) diagnostics in Dermloop Learn! 🙌💪🥳

Please note that this is the first version and we are continously improving the app! Let us know if you find any issues or if you would like additional features in the app and we will try to make it happen!

The app offers extensive case-based practice on 20.000+ training lesions belonging to the following diagnostic categories: melanomas, nevi, seborrheic keratoses/solar lentigo, vascular lesions, basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, actinic keratoses and dermatofibromas.

Each case-diagnosis is rewarded with instantaneous feedback, including feature annotation and access to 38+ diagnosis modules with in-depth descriptions of the underlying pathology, clinical presentation and dermoscopic criteria that signify each diagnosis.

The “statistics page” offers a dynamic insight regarding your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to improve where it is needed.

You are able to access your former training cases within the “case-tab”. This means that you can show difficult cases to your clinical mentor, ensuring valuable feedback.

The case difficulty and learning prompts are optimized through artificial intelligence, ensuring that your learning journey becomes as efficient and seamless as possible.

We hope you like or love the app and look forward to improving it based on your feedback!
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