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Last updated: Tuesday, December 20, 2022

1v1 duels, summon Creatures, cast Spells. Win battles on the hexagonal grid.

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Soul of Ankiril game

Soul of Ankiril is a strategy card game full of fantastic Creatures, packed with mysteries to solve and set in a world ruled by the energies of the elements, also known as Temen (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Air, and Wood). Join one of the 6 Leaders, build your deck, challenge your opponents in 1v1 duels on a hexagonal map, and be the first to deactivate the three Emanation Portals of your opponent to achieve victory!

—Early Access Digital Boardgame Demo—

This is an early version of the digital demo, most of the content represents a work in progress and might not be representative of the final version of the game.
Try the gameplay preview of the Soul of Ankiril boardgame coming soon to Kickstarter!


6 Elements: Each element is distinguished by a one-of-a-kind playstyle. Will you be able to master them all?
Creatures: Each Creature is unique with its own attack/defense points and special abilities.
Spells: Cast powerful Spells once you have selected an allied Creature to power it up and turn the tide of the battle.
Hexagonal map: In order to make each match unique, the map is made up of several hexagonal tiles that allow you to move and carry out the best strategy depending on the situation.
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Soul of Ankiril APK 0.2.16 Update

Release in Early Access of the Digital Demo of the board game Soul of Ankiril, coming to Kickstarter within the following months.
The current release includes the following:
- Introduced AI if not enough players are online
- Reduced turn time to 90s to better improve the game experience
- Modified some cards and abilities following an initial game balance
- Introduced a system to support weak connections
- Bugfix and general improvements

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