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Screen Brightness (Brightness) APK

  • by 정재빈
  • Version: 79
  • Updated on: May 25, 2017
Adjust the brightness in the upper bar and draw a different app to the bottom black bar above.After the adjustment, press the back button app outside of both.
Last updated
2.3 and up+
Android version
0.74 Mb
App size
Rated for 3+
Content rating
- Top bar: Moves to adjust the brightness. (A feature that the device's settings.)
- Auto Check button: Check Leaving automatically adjusts the brightness. (A feature available on devices set)
lower bar: Move, you can draw a black top other apps. You can make up to 20%.
- Clear button on 06:00: Press leave lightens every morning at 6 AM. (Draw this function is disabled)
run at drawing the check button: If you leave this check when running the app drawing functions are applied.
Button turns: Pressing changes the display configuration. There are no other features.
- Drawing: This button is used to apply or release the drawing functions.
- X Button: Exit the app. Can be installed on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later (Draw function is also disabled)

- Request authorization when two apps running on Android 6.0 or higher marshmallows. (Draw over other apps, changing system settings)

Do you have problems with the app?
- Try reinstalling the app.
- This app can be shut down if it runs out of memory (RAM).
(The device memory, 1GB hard to use games and at the same time. 1.5GB can be large quit apps that use this reference may be different depending on your operating system and version of the application and use of personal experience.)
- toast message (floating window on top of other apps), (top LG phones such as the Nexus phones) at the bottom of the screen buttons (soft keys) it can not be drawn in black.
- To install the APK file, you must turn off the drawing function. (Android security policies.)
To turn off the Android app to set the permissions of the drawing features in 6.0 or marshmallows. (Naohjiman called overlay errors conflicts, not by Android security policies.)
- screenshot is taken while black painted.
- Auto Brightness feature only works on supported devices.
- When the screen is not visible, please turn off the device. (Power button Volume decrease button for 5 seconds)
- will help to solve it if you'd let us know about a problem that occurs to the developer.


332+ total
5 278
4 21
3 12
2 6
1 15
What's New
- now it has the ability to adjust the brightness and drawing as a unit. Try clicking pictures and letters on both sides of each bar-Fix unchanged from the side that was 99 to 100% the length of the draw-bar is now not restart when the app would have been killed-77 or earlier it has removed the authority from drawing and fix errors that occur when using the drawing feature during run-Fixed error does not erase function properly at 06. (On Android 4.4 Kit Kat or later, you may experience a delay of several minutes to conserve battery power.) - Added Translation American language. (Applies to all English-speaking.) - Fixed an error that occurred when the app is in landscape mode at 69 or earlier.

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