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からかい勝負の高木さん APK

It is a mobile application for smartphones that is based on "Takakai-san, Takagi-san 2".
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The description of app by: Jorudan Co.,Ltd.

The anime second term "Takakai Tate Takagi 2" of the youth comedy "Takakai Tate Takagi" in the popular series "Gessant" (Shogakukan) has appeared as a basic free mobile app!
You can enjoy playing with Takagi, and you can enjoy watching Takagi who jumped out to the real world by AR function ♪
Let's fight with Takagi!
The game with Takagi-san is a three-option game in which the win and loss of "Janken" was reversed!
Mr. Takagi shakes with various lines, so let's guess "the losing hand" to Takagi while paying attention to the lines. If you are able to give Takagi-san a "defeated hand", you win. Let's make full use of the chance of consecutive battles and aim for a complete victory!

【how to play】
Guess Takagi-san's hand and just select Takagi-san's "losing hand" within the time limit!
You win if you can give Takagi-san "a losing hand". There will be a lot of battle opportunities, so don't guess "Don't lose your hand" and win, let's completely beat Takagi-san!

Takagi-san sometimes gives tips on how to put out his hand before the start of rocking, so be careful with words.
You can play up to 20 times in one match, and the reward changes as the number of consecutive losses in the fight goes up.
If you give Takagi-san "a hand to win," or if you do not choose a hand within the time limit, the game is your loss.
If you lose the game, the rewards will hardly be paid, so be careful when making a series of battles.
In the case of "Aiko", the same number of times is repeated up to three times. If you can make it three times "Aiko", Janken will win Takagi-san and you can advance to the next round.
Let's call Mr. Takagi in the real world!
When you open the AR function and point the camera at a dedicated marker, Takagi will appear right there ♪
Takagi-san will do some of the action naturally, so try to get close to Takagi-san and look around! You can experience the way Takagi-san appeared in the real world ♪
Furthermore, when you raise happiness Lv in the game with Mr. Takagi ...

When using the AR function, check the safety of the surroundings, and use in an open bright place.
If the operation is not stable, place the marker on a level and bright place and move the smartphone slowly. In addition, depending on the terminal used, the operation may not be stable under appropriate conditions.

A fan must see !? There is also a super rare item ♪
Items that fans must see, such as "set image", "original image", "conte" and "script" used in each episode of the anime "Takakai goodman Takagi 2" are limited to one week after the weekly TOKYO MX broadcast You can get GET from で at ♪
Let's GET the super rare items that can only be seen here, and enjoy "Takagi's TAKAKI 2nd" deeper!

※ 30 minutes after the airing of TOKYO MX and Yomiuri TV, the ratio of provision of items changes. In addition, the percentage of items offered will change for 30 minutes if you make a “probability change” that can be used when you are happy Lv2 or higher.
※ About the item provision ratio of the gacha, please confirm the details from the gacha detail button prepared on the gacha screen in the application.
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