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Was recorded 43,000 words as Petit Royale English-Japanese Dictionary Fourth Edition, it is a French dictionary, which was 46,000 words set was the Petit Royale sum French Dictionary, Third Edition recorded.

To save ※※※※※※ to
Android 7.0 Nougat operation corresponding already

■ the dictionary data SD card (external storage) it was now possible.

Recording summarizes the popularity of Buddha sum-sum French dictionary!
"Petit Royale Buddha sum (4th edition), France sum (third edition) Dictionary" is, was recorded 43,000 words to reinforce the new words and new meaning, "Petit Royal English-Japanese pictorial dictionary fourth the plate ", is a French dictionary, which was to set the" metabolic syndrome "new words and the Internet terms, such as, to reinforce the various jargon 40,000 was recorded 6 thousand words" Petit Royale sum French dictionary, third Edition. " In addition, native pronunciation and illustrations of French, also grammar commentary has recorded.

Is a dictionary application to the four Features [search] [From] [Ease of use] strongest apps that stuck to the dictionary cooperation] necessary.

And France because they recorded together the sum-sum French dictionary number of words rich. It is examined quickly even from the French, even from the Japanese.
- phrase in the text, equipped with a [phrase search / example Search] to search only the direct example sentences.
In the case where the inflected forms of the verb - to search keyword, [verb conjugations search] to re-search automatically converted to the original equipped with the function.
- In the part of the French, to search from the English word with the same meaning [English Search] is also possible.
◎ touch panel search mounted. Please refer to the "feature 3" for more details.
· Google using voice recognition, you can voice input of the keyword.
, Full-text to search mode, equipped with a [And] search function in multiple keywords.
Searches by the input, separated by a space, like a search site of the Web, it is possible to carry out And search with multiple keywords.
Space of the separator is designed for both full-width-half-width.
Offers a-rich search options. (Forward match / backward match / full match / partial match / example Search / phrase search / verb conjugations Search / English Search / full-text search).
- forward in the match / backward match / exact match / verb conjugations Search / English search, corresponding to the incremental search of the candidate headword When you enter a character is displayed. The terms are easy to find even in a faint memory.

- English-Japanese dictionary it is, recorded 43,000 words to reinforce the new words and new meaning.
And Harmony French dictionary is, the Internet term, recorded to reinforce the various jargon 46,000 words.
, Illustrations, recorded grammar commentary.
- rich recorded native voice data of the French. This can be played back with one touch, you can quickly see the correct pronunciation of words that were investigated.

Around - also equipped with a touch panel search overlooking word.
Panel that describes the word can also overlook the word around by the arranging crowdedly, we supplement the list of which has been the conventional scarce.
To the panel classification of [ABC order of the entry word], [alphabetical order] in the other, has been ranked [important word], also recorded, such as [verb conjugation table]. It will help to memorize words.
※ demonstration of the touch panel, please visit the website of the "logo Vista" ※

and the same that can be one-shot jump to the column or paragraph in the page, equipped with a [text in the jump list].
All of the phrase / examples that have been and inclusion is, equipped with a bookmark function that can be registered in each sentence.
, Pinch operation screen expansion of the by, reduction or flick realize the operation feeling of the screen transition such as the android unique by.
, Character size is freely! Of up to 16 to 40 points, change featured text character size.
- th fatigue "black background / white letter" display switching function equipped.
And search featured in-text string.
- Search highlight ON / OFF display featured a string.
, Screen rotation of the ON / OFF switching function equipped.
- once at the time of use if it is possible to install the network connection is not required.
And because the post-installation does not take even communication cost can be used in off-line.

- one after another appeared to have rich [logo Vista dictionary app
a variety of genres (national language, English, foreign language, Encyclopedia practical use, medicine, Special Interests & Hobbies - the dictionary application of other professional) are available.
Is further also one after another appeared upcoming to specialized dictionary from the famous popular dictionary! !
For details, search for "LogoVista"!
using the word anxious
· LV dictionary cooperation featured = this dictionary, search for other LogoVista electronic dictionary
dictionary grouping featured = a combination of a plurality of LogoVista electronic dictionary freely, search all at once.
, A dictionary lookup one after another by tracing the terms in item jump search function that can.
• Search results display the number.
- Continuous help dictionary lookup to, history display (viewing date and time or display) / bookmark (with memo writing function) featured.
, User data (bookmarks / history / group dictionary, etc.) import / export function of, it is possible to bring up the user data to the time change models and other terminals. Read aloud the contents of the text that is
display, text-speech function has been added.
※ is to read aloud is required "Google Text-to-speech" app.
※ At the time of text read aloud function available, please refer to the "Information" → "basic operations" of LogoVista dictionary browsing in the browser application.

● This application will need to download the data of about 256MB on the SD card (internal storage) *. In addition, SD card (internal storage) at the time of download of data * Requires free space of about 466MB to.
● If you use a full-text search, and download of data in addition, the size of this application will be about 69MB large. At the time of download of data for the full-text search SD card (internal storage) * requires about 92MB of free space of the. It should be noted that the download of data for additional full-text search can be done for free.
* Depending on your terminal might dictionary data is installed in the built-in SD card (internal storage). For save to SD card (external storage), refer to "About the dictionary data storage to the SD card (external storage)".
※ At the time of installation of the dictionary data, we recommend the use of Wi-Fi.

It is now possible to save the dictionary data to the SD card (external storage). LogoVista electronic dictionary for browsing browser version 1.72 is required.
※ When available, there is a note of such Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Q and A page Q8 for the following LogoVista Android.

[version ~1.04]
" fix the description of the verb conjugation index ". Fixed an error in the pronunciation of the bottom from "Bonne anniversaire" of
- heading "Bon ne".
- bookmarks / improvement of the history function and it has been improved stability.
- dictionary data now can be saved to the SD card (external storage).

● Android OS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0
● LogoVista electronic dictionary for Android Installation
* Petit Royale Buddha sum (4th edition), France sum in order to use the (third edition) dictionary, you need version 1.72 or higher.
"LogoVista electronic dictionary for browsing browser for Android" is search for "logovista" on Google Play, you can install for free.

● Android OS 1.X, 2.X, 3.X
● CPU mounted other than the ARM-based Android devices

> ( the #) ● terminal, JIS No. 3 is used in the application, even if copying fourth level characters may correct copy results can not be obtained.
● 1 degrees re-installation of the re-purchase or dictionary data of the dictionary apps you've purchased is free.
※ If you have any questions about the product, until the bottom of the page of the e-mail address, your asked to contact us [email? Protected] / * * /

● logo Vista Co., Ltd. http://www.logovista.co.jp/

● Corporation Obunsha


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What's New
■ For updates of electronic dictionary for browsing browser, you'll need to verify separately. ■ application for the "applied model" behavior confirmation about this product, but we check the operation of the actual machine, such as interference with other apps, depending on the situation, unexpected behavior, problems may occur. When you notice the problem, sorry to trouble you, but, on the mention your version of the terminal name · AndroidOS of content and available, please send us your contact us at the address below. [Email? Protected] / * * / ■ updates (2016.12.5) ■ · part of the version 1.3, Fixed an issue where the shift has occurred in the audio playback. ※ is required of the dictionary data update. Version of the latest dictionary data is 1.5. ※ There is a need to LogoVista electronic dictionary for browsing browser to version 1.87. ■ gave the updates (2016.10.31) ■ · product modification of the serial number of the version 1.2. ■ updates (2016.6.27) of version 1.1 has been improved the dictionary data installation that it takes time by ■ · model.

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