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Taishukan complete translation archaic lexicon, given the modern translation that corresponds thoroughly word for word in all examples, easy to understand friendly, useful in the field of ancient writing interpretation, definitive edition of archaic dictionary!

To save ※※※※※※ to
Android 7.0 Nougat operation corresponding already

■ the dictionary data SD card (external storage) it was now possible.

[Modern translation fits perfect for vocabulary, definitive edition of the complete translation archaic!
Touch panel function and docking to a variety of use is to be able to! ! !

"Taishukan complete translation archaic Dictionary" will be given the modern translation that corresponds thoroughly word for word in all examples, easy to understand intimate and complete translation archaic dictionary. Commentary is carefully written so that the meaning is remember that the words of the nucleus, we discussed step-by-step flow to the modern language from the etymology order to keep the core of the meaning of the word. In addition, particular emphasis for the particle, auxiliary verb or honorific, hands-on commentary. Useful in the field of ancient writing interpretation, it is the definitive edition of the archaic dictionary.

■ Features
● about 20,000 total number of items is sufficient and necessary.
● in all examples, modern translation corresponding word for word.
● Kanban to the most important word. In front of the commentary, it was a "sign" to set a subsequent typical example in the enclosed. If you learn this phrase and modern translation, important archaic can master.
● commentary that followed the flow of the modern languages ​​from etymology. It is possible to suppress the heart of the subsequent meaning.
● particle, auxiliary verb, a large box on. Such as the meaning, usage, isomorphic language of identification, all at a glance.
● honorific is especially important. From the word to complex forms, translated the way, kind of honorific, it has been described in detail, such as respect for the subject.
● In the column "archaic watching", from the word of usage until the background of the classic, a collection of specifically useful information.
● The heading of the adjective, with a "Tari will," and also, in the heading of the noun to make a difference fluctuating with the "be". Part of speech of the
● collocation is, without the "collocation", so as to correspond to the delimiter of the heading, it showed each of the part-of-speech name in the part-of-speech column.
● heading word in the example is "|" without the, all was Gothic.
● name song-make items, about 430, also enhance appreciation in addition to interpretation.
● such as a person's name, work name, grammar, equipped with about 1000 items of the encyclopedia.
● Appendix "draw in the modern language archaic synonym Collection," "interpretation point of" is, interesting, useful.

■ function
● equipped with a touch panel also search overlooking word around
equipped with a touch panel search which is built to maximize use of the screen. Panel that describes the word can also overlook the word around by the arranging crowdedly, we supplement the list of which has been the conventional scarce. In particular, in the present application not only the "alphabetical" order of entry word "encyclopedia", "learning point of (part of speech by, honorific)", "makurakotoba", "Kigo", "interpretation point of", "illustrations", the various panels, such as It has been prepared, making it a fun dictionary not learning only.
Demo of ※※ touch panel, please visit the website of the "logo Vista" ※※

● font adopted ShigeruEi Mincho in
been adopted in a number of books for a long time, we have adopted a deep "ShigeruEi Ming" familiar to Japanese.
As one of the "Minchokatsuji of two major trends", ShigeruEi body that had a major impact on subsequent Japanese typeface, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. is a typeface of ShigeruEi building its predecessor 100 takeover for more than a year, is a typeface that has been developing. ShigeruEi body unique typeface is loved by a wide range of layer as the typeface for the body, it has received high praise.

● handwritten input featured character
can not enter because you do not know how to read, but the form is want to see can see Chinese characters ....
A big success in such a scene, was equipped with a handwriting input function.

● provide a rich search options (forward match / backward match / full match / partial match / full-text search). In each search method, corresponding to the incremental search the candidate headword is displayed when entering characters. (Except for the partial match / full-text search) is easy to also search for terms in a faint memory.
● in the full-text search mode, add And the search function in multiple keyword
by entering, separated a search keyword in the space, as the search site of the Web, to perform the And search with multiple keywords It is available.
Space of the separator is designed for both full-width-half-width.
● screen magnification of by pinch operation, reduction or flick realize the operation feeling of the screen transition such as the android unique by.
● eye fatigue "black background / white letter" display switching function equipped
of up to 16-40 points ●, a text character size change featured
● highlight ON / OFF display of the search string featured
● screen oN / OFF switching function mounting of rotation
● Search featured in-text string
● using the word anxious of LV dictionary cooperation featured = this dictionary, other LogoVista search the electronic dictionary
● a combination dictionary grouping featured = a multiple of LogoVista electronic dictionary freely, all at once in the search
● jump search function that can dictionary lookup one after another by tracing the terms in item
● search and display the number of results
● help dictionary lookup to continuous, history display (viewing date and time or display) / bookmark (memo with writing function) featured
● user data (bookmarks / history / import / export function of the group dictionary, etc.), Yu to the time change models and other terminal Heather data it is possible to bring out.
● read aloud the contents of the text that is displayed, the text read aloud features have been added.
※ is to read aloud is required "Google Text-to-speech" app.
※ At the time of text read aloud function available, please refer to the "Information" → "basic operations" of LogoVista dictionary browsing in the browser application.

■ data size
● This application will need to download the data of about 65MB to SD card (internal storage) *. In addition, SD card (internal storage) to download the data * Requires free space of about 100MB to.
● If you use a full-text search, and download of data in addition, the size of this application will be about 15MB large. To download the data for full-text search space is required about 20MB in the SD card (internal storage) *. It should be noted that the download of data for additional full-text search can be done for free.
* Depending on your terminal might dictionary data is installed in the built-in SD card (internal storage). For save to SD card (external storage), refer to "About the dictionary data storage to the SD card (external storage)".
※ At the time of installation of the dictionary data, we recommend the use of Wi-Fi.

■ now for the dictionary data storage to the SD card (external storage)
so that you can save the dictionary data to the SD card (external storage). LogoVista electronic dictionary is required viewing for browser version 1.72 or higher.
※ When available, there is a note of such Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Q and A page Q8 for the following LogoVista Android.

■ Update History
[version ~1.02]
can be stored, dictionary data to the SD card (external storage).
※ LogoVista electronic dictionary browsing for the browser version 1.72 or later is required.
When available, there is a note of such Terms and Conditions. Please be sure to read it. After
※ Updater carried out, if you do not appear in the dictionary of the destination of the edited data], please select the dictionary Launch from the menu of select dictionary download of data] → [Dictionary data installation screen] .

■ Applicable models and operation check model
Please see the next page.

■ operating environment
● Android OS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0 , 5.1, 6.0, 7.0
● logoVista electronic dictionary for browsing browser installation
** "logoVista electronic dictionary for browsing browser" is search for "logovista" on Google Play, you can install for free. **

■ Operation warranty
● Android OS 1.X, 2.X, 3.X
● CPU mounted other than the ARM-based Android devices
(# by)
■ Notes
● terminal, JIS third being used in the application, even if the copy the fourth level of the character, you may correct copy result can not be obtained.
● For HTC made of some devices, does not correspond to the item movement function in the flick operation.
● 1 degrees re-installation of the re-purchase or dictionary data of the dictionary apps you've purchased is free.
※ If you have any questions about the product, until the bottom of the page of the e-mail address, your asked to contact us [email? Protected] / * * /

■ development and distributor
● logo Vista Co., Ltd. http://www.logovista.co.jp/

■ content publisher
● Corporation Taishukanshoten

* "ShigeruEi" and "ShigeruEi body" is a registered trademark of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd..

* This product uses the handwriting recognition engine "easy flat (R)" of PUX CO., LTD.
"Comfortable flat" is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.


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What's New
■ operation confirmation of application With regard to the "application model" of this product, but we check the operation of the actual machine, such as interference with other apps that are installed on the terminal, depending on the situation, unexpected behavior, problems it may occur. When you notice the problem, sorry to trouble you, but, on the mention your version of the terminal name · AndroidOS of content and available, please send us your contact us at the address below. [Email? Protected] / * * / ■ some of leverage table to see from the update content (2016.12.12) ■ · commentary sentence of version 1.11 Fixed an issue that has not been displayed. ■ updates (2016.7.20) of version 1.1 has been improved the dictionary data installation that it takes time by ■ · model.

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