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LogoVista electronic dictionary for browsing browser APK

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4.0 and up+
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LogoVista electronic dictionary for browsing browser for Android that can dictionary lookup rich dictionary content

Android 7.0 Nougat operation corresponding already

※ This product, searching and browsing dedicated app order to use the LogoVista electronic dictionary series is. The application of each dictionary title, you must purchase separately.

Incorporating from the basic dictionary search function, to useful new features is a browser for the electronic dictionary. Ease of use, will help you in a variety of use scene.

■ read aloud the contents of the text that is displayed, it added the text read aloud function.
※ is to read aloud is required "Google Text-to-speech" app.

※ corresponding OS will change from version 1.91.
OS 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 will be non-compliant.
Customers using Please note.

■■ fulfilling basic functions ■■
automatically display the candidates of the search results in the incremental search
easy to select the input and display of history, switching of search criteria can also be instantly
It can be registered bookmarks with notes to items in the dictionary
to select the text in the dictionary, available for search and Web search in other dictionary title

■■ grouping a plurality of dictionary title possible ■■
your favorite dictionary together in a group, can simultaneously search

■■ and new features one after another added! ■■
search is easy! [Touch panel Search] mounted!
Pursuit of visibility! [ShigeruEi body font] mounted!
New search method [KWIT search]!
[Voice input] can be up and [handwriting input].
Read aloud the contents of the text that is displayed, the text read aloud function!
※ each function is limited to dictionary content that support.

■ Update History
[version history to 1.90]
Fix the deviation of the Petit Royale Futsuwa KazuFutsu voice. It was a display adjustment of
· Android7.0 corresponding to the
"About the new clear language dictionary seventh edition accent display".
- bookmark / history list display improvement in the speed or the like of the
, the text display improvement of processing
appears to have added a read-aloud function of the body
- dictionary data of the SD card (external storage) It can be saved to the
※ when available, there is a note of such terms and conditions. Please be sure to read it.
· improvement of grouping Dictionary Search
, user data (bookmarks / history / group dictionary, add an import / export function of the other)
can bring up the user data to the time change models and other terminals
and new Chinese forest second edition touch panel function, the body vertical writing display function, ShigeruEi body font add
- Chinese source revised fifth edition ShigeruEi body font add
, incremental search character fixes a phenomenon to be killed at the time of input
· FullHD new clear language dictionary seventh in the terminal by edition is rarely recognized not made fixing the problem
and new Chinese forest second edition, the layout is broken problem of the body of the Chinese source revised fifth edition
memory / task management application is running there is likely to occur. We prepared the corresponding data. Please install the dictionary data again.
- additional KWIT search function
· Android corresponding to a shared function
- Meikyo Japanese Dictionary, second edition touch panel search function updates the corresponding
, ultra-high resolution (FullHD) corresponding to the display
Britannica international large encyclopedia small item version of "today is what day" can be moved next day prior to the day of the flick
- fixes a phenomenon that font does not appear in the search result screen in the Android OS4.4.x
- Chinese source revised fifth edition touch panel search function, additional correspondence
keyword search results faster list display processing of Chinese characters comprehensive search function
and research's new English-Japanese (seventh Edition) - Japanese and English ( 5th ed.) medium dictionary touch panel search function corresponding
Genius English-Japanese (4th Edition) - Japanese-English (third edition) dictionary touch panel search function corresponding
, full-text search add and the search function in the
- item an increase in the adjustment range of the internal font size
index search warp function Pressing
index search scroll speed improvement

[corresponding dictionary title]
Britannica world Handbook 2017
Britannica International Encyclopedia small-item version 2017
Britannica International University encyclopedia small-item version plus countries around the world Handbook 2017
Practical medical abbreviations dictionary 7th Edition
Genius English-Japanese (5th Edition) - Japanese-English (third edition) dictionary
- MinamiyamaDo medical dictionary 20th edition
- Meikyo Japanese dictionary, second edition total phonetic version
- Obunsha Japanese dictionary eleventh Edition
- Yuhikaku psychology dictionary
and basic knowledge katakana foreign language abbreviation dictionary of modern term first 5 edition
- Yuhikaku economic dictionary 5th edition
Petit Royal Buddha sum (4th edition) and Harmony Buddha (third edition) dictionary
- Yuhikaku cognitive psychology Handbook
and research company Leaders plus
Leaders Special for Android
· modern Spanish dictionary, Kazunishi dictionary revision
- Taishukan complete translation archaic dictionary
Leaders English-Japanese Dictionary, Third Edition
- Rokutei social welfare glossary
- Rokutei care welfare glossary
Royal English grammar revised edition (# ) Kojien sixth edition
, Iwanami Japanese dictionary seventh Edition new edition
and new clear language dictionary seventh edition
and new Chinese forest second edition
- Yuhikaku legal terms dictionary fourth Edition
- Meikyo Japanese dictionary, second edition
- Gakken Kanji puzzle dictionary
- Gakken example in seen katakana new word dictionary revised third edition
- Gakken examples can be seen in the idiom dictionary
in the Gakken example seen idioms dictionary
- Chinese source revised fifth edition
and research's new English-Japanese (seventh Edition) - Japanese-English (5th ed.) medium dictionary

■ feature description
by storing the dictionary data SD card (internal storage) * to, can browse the dictionary of large capacity, including voice and video off-line. Difficult and underground of communication, there is no problem even outside the country.
Pinch screen expansion of by the operation, reduction or flick realize the operation feeling with an emphasis on ease of use as an electronic dictionary, such as screen transition by.
- search forward, backward search, of course, the example search by the dictionary, has a phrase search, such as rich search function, it can also be handy search by incremental search.
KWIT search has been added as a new search method. Available in a dictionary content that support.
Is further skewered search, other dictionary search, you can search not stay in a single dictionary, such as web search. Because now supported
· Android sharing function, a standard browser and Chrome, Gmail, etc., select the text you want to search you can search by calling the dictionary.
, The stored user data (bookmarks / history / group dictionary, etc.) by the import / export function of, it is possible to bring up the user data to the time change models and other terminals.
* Depending on your terminal might dictionary data is installed in the built-in SD card (internal storage). For save to SD card (external storage), refer to "About the dictionary data storage to the SD card (external storage)". Added read-aloud function of the body that are
※ reading has been using the Japanese engine of the "Google Text-to-speech" app.
※ At the time of text read aloud function available, please refer to the "Information" → "basic operations" of LogoVista dictionary browsing in the browser application.

■ About dictionary data storage to the SD card (external storage)
You can save the dictionary data to the SD card (external storage).
※ When available, there is a note of such Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Q and A page Q8 for the following LogoVista Android.

■ Dictionary of cooperation
- rich logo Vista electronic dictionary title the one after another delivery
, by the dictionary title to multiple purchases, can create a dictionary group. And only the group English-Japanese dictionary, enables the skewered search on the original dictionary, such as group of the only national language dictionary.
, Of course, group registered one shot displayed on the skewered search. The cue function, items are easy to find even if the number of dictionary.
Memo can be registered bookmark, the basic functions, such as history, can be switched for each dictionary. This or check only bookmarks of the grouped dictionary, to easily be such as register the same words in a different dictionary.

■ Notes
in this application only can not be used. You'll need to purchase the electronic dictionary application of LogoVista.
, Once re-installation of the re-purchase or dictionary data of the dictionary apps you've purchased is free.
※ If you have any questions about the product, until the bottom of the page of the e-mail address, your asked to contact us [email? Protected] / * * /

■ Applicable models and operation check model
Please check the following page.

■ operating environment
· Android OS 4.0,4.1,4.2,4.3,4.4,5.0,5.1,6.0,7.0
※ for Android OS, there is a difference in every dictionary title to be available. Thank you, as you can check the dictionary title [Item].

■ Operation warranty
● Android OS 1.X, 2.X, 3.X
● CPU mounted other than the ARM-based Android devices


126+ total
5 54
4 25
3 21
2 7
1 19
What's New
■ For updates of dictionary for each product (title), you'll need to verify separately. ■ With regard the operation confirmation of the application to the "Applicable model" of the product, but we check the operation of the actual machine, such as interference with other apps, depending on the situation, unexpected behavior, problems may occur. When you notice the problem, sorry to trouble you, but, on the mention your version of the terminal name · AndroidOS of content and available, please send us your contact us at the address below. [Email? Protected] / * * / ■ update the contents of the Ver1.91 (2017.2.27) ■ · Britannica has been supported over the world Handbook 2017. The operating environment of the Android OS will change from this version ※. Android 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 will be outside the operating target. Eligible customers Please note.

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