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World of dog picture book 347 election APK

for Android 2.2 and up and up


Quite also not seen the dog species, including in Japan, it is an app to introduce the 347 species dog around the world in a picture book format.

Package name: jp.co.nec.app.android.dog_zukan

Such as basic information, such as "size, weight, country of origin," the beginning "susceptible to disease" and "personality", we introduce the know-how to live with the dog.

, But already the only dog ​​lovers to have a dog,'m going to face from now on, it is recommended app also for those who want to enjoy a look at the dog photo.

■ recording content
◆ detailed information about the 347 dog species in the world
the "size", "withers", "weight", "country of origin", "personality", "susceptible to illness", "group", FCI ( International Canine Federation), published on the basis of the bleeding data of JKC (Japan Kennel Club). In addition, not only the basic information of the dog, details posted to detail information, such as the impression when I met the dog's history and personality,.

◆ such as a dog sick
Eye disease, epidemics of disease, the skin of, fall into each category. Further, commentary from symptoms of the disease treatment, mainly preventive method.

◆ health check method of dog
"age-specific health check point", "How to eat check" - such as the health check of the daily dog ​​"timing to go to different parts of abnormally see the hospital." useful information. Especially recommended for people who have bought a dog!

◆ dog Glossary
explains the technical terms (about 50 words). Because that can be used as a bit of a dictionary, I do not know the word check from here!

■ function
◆ also searchable dog you do not know the name and breed in the colorful "search function"
as well as the search of the name, can be searched in the following five items the dog species data that is recorded.
, Name (by 50 sound)
me for a total 347 species of dog species in alphabetical order.

And the UK name (Country of Origin)
species dog that has been expressed in the Country of Origin, listed in alphabetical order.

such as small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs, can be retrieved from the size of the dog.

· FCI dog species group / name
FCI (International Canine Federation) classification, categorization in the first to tenth group of. (Also described is how the classification of each group)

◆ When the dog species anxious to check the re-check
dog species and diseases to be worried about in the "Favorites function", "Favorites" page It can be re-viewed at a glance from. To register the dog of the disease and prevention methods, or help to maintain good health of the dog, to register the details of the dog species to be worried about, it can also be enjoyed and to browse the later photos.

◆ "Photo Gallery" in enjoy the photos of all dog species
equipped with a browsable slide viewer features each breed of photo.
Slide of the time interval and shuffle play, your favorite dog breed browsing, such as is possible.

■ corresponding OS
Android 2.2 or higher

[From the dog species (excerpt)
○ Poodle
○ Chihuahua
○ Miniature Dachshund
○ Pomeranian
○ Yorkshire Terrier
○ Shiba Inu
○ Shih Tzu
○ French Bulldog
○ Papillon
○ Maltese
○ miniature Schnauzer
○ Pembroke Welsh Corgi
○ Golden Retriever
○ pug
○ Labrador Retriever
○ miniature Pinscher
○ Jack Russell Terrier
○ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
○ border collie
○ Beagle
○ Pekingese
○ Shetland Sheepdog
○ Boston Terrier
○ American Cocker Spaniel
○ Italian gray Hound
○ bus Nizu Mountain Dog
○ Bulldog
○ Siberian Husky
○ Bichon Frize
○ West Highland White Terrier
○ Chin (Chin)
○ Japan Spitz
○ Borzoi
○ Doberman
○ flat coated Retriever
○ Chinese Crested dog
○ Dalmatian
○ Great Pyrenees (Pirenian Mountain dog)
○ Norfolk Terrier
○ English Cocker Spaniel
○ German Shepherd dog
○ wire Fox Terrier
○ Weimaraner
○ Great Dane
○ boxer
○ Brussels Griffon
○ Whippet
○ miniature Bull Terrier
○ Cairn Terrier
○ Scottish Terrier
Akita dog
○ St. Bernard
○ Kai Dog
○ cardigan welsh corgi
○ Toy Manchester Terrier
○ Airedale Terrier
○ Norwich Terrier
○ Tervuren
○ Japan Terrier
○ Petit Burabanson
○ schipperke
○ Staffordshire Bull Terrier
○ Lakeland Terrier
○ Bedlington, Terrier
○ Sealyham Terrier
○ Tibetan Terrier
○ Polish Roland Sheepdog
○ Irish Wolfhound
○ Belgian-Griffon
○ Belgian Shepherd dog glow Nene Dahl

[published media]
I had posted on the Mac People No. 5 May 2012.
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------------------------------------- -
palm size of the dog picture book you know the characteristics and personality for each dog species
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■ inquiry
content Secretariat
[email protected]

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What's New
2014/12/24 We corrected that are not displayed on the part of the terminal event in relation to update the contents --------------------------- slide show function . This time I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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