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Last updated: Sunday, April 3, 2022

This app is an app that allows you to experience Kagoshima Castle in the past.

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VR Kagoshima Castle app

"VR Kagoshima Castle: Reviving Satsuma's Mansions and Castle Town" is an application that allows the user to see Kagoshima Castle (commonly known as Tsurumaru Castle) as it was in its prime through 360-degree VR images. Users will also be able to learn and enjoy themselves through spot explanations, siege games, and AR commemorative photography. Kagoshima Castle was a castle without a keep, also known as a mountain castle. The lord's residence was built at the foot of the castle, and was accessed through the enormous Goromon Gate, which stood at about 20 meters high. Where the Reimeikan History and Art Center now stands is where the Honmaru Goten used to stand, around which there was the castle town. The Satsuma Domain was instrumental in the success of the Meiji Restoration. Please use this application to enhance your visit to Kagoshima Castle, the headquarters of the Satsuma Domain.
(Available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean)

Narration: Former NHK broadcaster Matsudaira Sadatomo
Production: Kagoshima Prefecture
Development: xeen Inc.
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VR Kagoshima Castle
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