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This tool measures the time variation of the magnetic force.

To adjust the strength of the measurement interval of the magnetic field (in milliseconds), you can record 5,000 (maximum 9999 cases).
I think you'll use when you wish to say that I want to record the time change of the magnetic field.

The main use
 ■ How to record
• The start-up at the same time to start recording and measurement of the magnetic field when.
• From the Settings screen, you can set the number of measurements and the measurement interval.
    If it exceeds the number of measurements has been set, it will remove it from the old ones.

■ How to Check
(1) Display button
When you press the button, the strength of the magnetic field that was recorded on the screen will be displayed.

(2) copy menu
Then copy it to the clipboard.
And paste it into Notepad, please use.

(3) Output menu to SD card
It will create a file in the SD card.
Location and file name that you want to create is here.
jp.gr.java_conf.memotter.maglog \ date _ maglog .txt

※ Depending on the model, rather than the SD card, it is written to the internal memory.

And measurement interval is accuracy is not very good.
(There are also differences depending on the model.)
• Since the ability to confirm the output file is not,
The output file, please open and use in such other software and personal computers.

Details of function
■ Stop / Resume button
It has become a toggle, it can measure the stop and resume.

■ Display button
It displays the measurement result it holds.

■ Set menu: The number of history to be recorded
It becomes the number of history to keep. It has a statement number specified on the memory.
The default is 5000, up to 9999.

■ Setup menu: measurement interval (in milliseconds)
It will specify the measurement interval in milliseconds.
Depending on the model, there are times when it does not work as configured.
The default is 1 second( 1000 msec ).

■ Clear menu
And the screen, and clears the measurement result that is held internally.

■ copy menu
Copy the measurement result that is held internally to the clipboard.
When too much amount of information is large, it may fail at the time of paste in other apps.
Please use instead the "output to SD card" in this case.

■ Output to SD card
In the following folder of the SD card I will output the measurement result.
jp.gr.java_conf.memotter.maglog \ date_maglog.txt

※ Depending on the model, rather than the SD card, it may be written on the inside of memory.
Use the getExternalStorageDirectory (), How can're getting the path of the SD card,
This API will be because there is a case to come to return the paths that are not SD.
What's New
Icon replacement, etc.

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