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Crown German sum Dictionary fourth edition official app | pinnacle German dictionary of APK icon

Crown German sum Dictionary fourth edition official app | pinnacle German dictionary of APK

1.2.2 for Android 2.2 and up and up


The official app, offline dictionary that was recorded of the largest Heading 6 million words in Similarity! Smartphone dictionary than electronic dictionary from now on! Second foreign language BIGLOBE dictionary. COSPA good!

Package name: jp.ne.biglobe.crowndj.gp

Crown German sum Dictionary fourth edition official app is Google play of the best-selling our Japanese dictionary app. As the highest peak of the
Learning German Japanese dictionary, a reputation is easy and commentary advanced level, has recorded the first of Germany sum dictionary in Japan, which adopted the notation by the "post-reform".

Books CD 4,536 yen → app 3,200 yen (29% OFF books)
※ mobile carrier usage charges and possible payment
I'm also not a card
(# ) Similarity in the largest heading 60,000 items of translation, recorded learner-friendly kana pronunciation, appendix describing the use method of the verb "verb change table", the native pronunciation of important heading about 14,000 more than, trust sex is high, the amount of information is also rich, is the perfect full-fledged off-line electronic dictionary app also advanced for beginners to learn the German language. Once you have
installation, without connecting to the net, you can use with confidence in the off-line. It is quickly used to carry a handy electronic dictionary application. Commute or school of clearance time learning is also effective! Business German, perfect for German learning of a second language!

[App store highest rank]
· Google play Books & Reference sales top 5 & New # 2
· iPhone / iPad App Store dictionary and thesaurus top sales position 7
(# ) [important Notice] 2014 December 9, 2005 (Tuesday) at PM2
this application is available in Android5.0.

[learning support! The BIGLOBE dictionary guidance]

popularity of the dictionary, by the amount required by the iPhone · iPad
From now on smartphone dictionary
light & COSPA better than electronic dictionary
http: // manabi .biglobe.ne.jp /

search for "BIGLOBE dictionary"

Nikkei introduced in the trendy!

Here is convenient
can be entered without the umlaut. Use a standard keyboard
ß → ss, ä → a, searchable
, the most important words at a glance established a new [The point here] column in Œ → oe

[German Japanese dictionary Recommended] to such person
- German If you want to use as an electronic dictionary
- If you want to improve the listening of German
- the direction to attend the second foreign language of the university
If you engaged in translation
- travel / business who need German in
- the direction to create papers and reports in German

--- (# ) [1] curiosity satisfy the search and voice playback of words
"incremental search" to narrow down the search candidates in every word to a single character input you want to look, "forward / backward / exact match." , such as "heading / phrase / example", it has achieved a speedy search.

And search the entry word in German
, phrase, compound word search to create a reading comprehension and sentence of Dokubun example sentences including the high
, utility frequency representation, Japanese and German Search with the word
, search and display history
· Google voice Search
- search for dictionary in the page
- native by words and such conversation sentence about 14,000 items of voice

[2] easy to see easy to read beautiful dictionary page
character size, brightness also margin of adjustable ♪ dictionary page, such as advanced typesetting of commitment were considered in between the lines , BIGLOBE dictionary app unique

[3] also use familiar in the paper dictionary!
marker is a place that will be used to care (3 colors) notes is possible. Fun to make only the dictionary yourself, please by all means feel at BIGLOBE dictionary app ☆

[4] also be looking back at the "bookmark", "history"
in the bookmark, if to register the word you want to remember and folder grouping own German word book is finished.
App automatically records the search and display history, it will remain together and impressions.

[5] copy-and-paste
entry word or phrase, can share the text you copy and paste the example e-mail, etc.

[6] his specification of the dictionary app
search, bookmark, can change the display and the position of the menu, such as marker memo, color also three colors (yellow, red, you can choose from black).

[7] full-fledged German Japanese dictionary that can be used in off-line
from a built-in dictionary and audio data, the subway is also in foreign countries without a net connection But you can use with confidence.

◎ Crown German sum Dictionary Fourth Edition
maximum of Heading 6 million words in Similarity. Euro also recorded a variety of new words that capture the era of change such as the introduction. Kana pronunciation and corresponding English also notation. Recorded voice of about 14,000 items of words and sentence by a native.
[Appendix] verb change tables, link utilization button from the 210 items of the verb page. Instruction method, connection method and tense another use example will sink quickly.
※ to this application, illustrations, it may not have recorded some of the contents of the book, such as appendix.

[Supported OS]
· Android 2.2 or higher
※ to guide the background download of data at the time of the first start-up, it is automatically saved to the terminal. Without occupying the screen, while the other operation, complete download is efficiently (Wi-Fi recommended). Dictionary app even without a voice is available

[FAQ] "Frequently Asked Questions" in
BIGLOBE dictionary apps are published below.
If you have any unknown point there, please check here.

[management company]

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What's New
We fix a minor problem caused by Android 7.0.

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Date published: Sep 25, 2017

Current version: 1.2.2

Requires android: 2.2 and up

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