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RPG×ポイント!RPGでポイントを稼ごう!【Medal RPG】 APK icon

RPG×ポイント!RPGでポイントを稼ごう!【Medal RPG】 APK

  • by KAN ,Inc.
  • Version: 5.6.2
  • Updated on: Aug 12, 2019
Earn points with "Medal RPG" RPG. *.
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The description of app by: KAN ,Inc.

* In this application, there is no function to exchange points for cash.
* In this app, there are no functions or elements to purchase digital content such as points and items.
* In this application, there is no content that provides prize money or other bonuses.
* In this application, there is no content that presents prizes by lottery.
* In this application, there are no contents, services, or advertisements that promote online gambling.
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“Medal RPG” has the following features.

[1] You can earn points with RPG !!
[2] Registration is unnecessary and you can enjoy it for free!
[3] 10 years of operation and super popular game with over 1 million members !!
[4] You can adventure with your friends in the corps community and SNS function!
[5] Real-time user battles (PvP) and boss battles that defeat bosses in cooperation with four friends in real time are hot!

We have implemented various contents such as long-term management results and reliable results, full-fledged stories, puzzle solving, user battles, fortune-telling, quizzes, etc.

An epic adventure begins right now to defeat the evil dragon and get “Awesome Reward” ...

【To solve a mystery】
Listen to everyone at the tavern and the port and get hints for solving mysteries!

Explore caves and fields to find key items and treasures!

Raise your character's LV and change jobs, or cultivate fellow monsters and plants!

[Online Boss Battle]
Boss battle to defeat the boss in cooperation with four friends in real time!
・ Real-time boss battle
・ Puzzle Boss Battle
・ Tactics Boss Battle
・ Crash Boss Battle
・ Action boss battle

[Online User Battle (PvP)]
Real-time one-on-one user battle!
・ Real-time battle
・ Puzzle battle battle
・ Tactics match
・ Crash battle
・ Action match

[Online / Army vs Army Battle (Multi PvP)]
Multi-PVP battle between the army and army !!

Start up your corps with your friends, defeat the boss monsters together, or adventure with your friends to enjoy the corps community / SNS function!

There are four basic occupations: warriors, wizards, warriors, and shabazo. As you advance the story, you can change jobs to various senior positions such as magic warriors and sages!

[Over 500 types of monsters appearing]
Defeat the monsters and record them in the picture book, or combine fellow monsters and collect them!
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