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Mbrane turns Sudoku into a multiplayer strategy game in the same class as Chess.

Package name: mclass.com.mabstract

Harnessing the power of Sudoku, Mbrane transforms the puzzle into a multiplayer, deterministic strategy game of pure skill. In the same class as games like Chess, Go & Othello, Mbrane takes strategy to the quantum level. Gameplay combines the excitement of Risk with the purity of Chess in a classic contest of power & influence.

Mbrane is a game of stunning simplicity and elegant complexity.

Unlike Sudoku, an Mbrane starts out empty. Players vie for control of territory by taking strategic positions on the gameboard. The numbers carry value, and skillful placement is the key to victory.

▫ Games are quick and take about 10 minutes.
▪ Mbrane has only 9 rules and takes only a few minutes to learn.

Learning may take minutes, but mastery will take a lifetime!
With inexhaustible replayability, Mbrane is sure to engage the mind for decades.

For fans of strategy classics such as Xiangqi, Chess, Shogi, Othello, Go, Gomoku, Hex, Backgammon, Settlers and Risk, Mbrane is sure to be an instant fave.

▫▪ ! Warning: Mbrane is addictive ! ▪▫

“Go is the ancient game, Chess the medieval. Now we have the modern game, and it's name is Mbrane.”

Mbrane is an excellent educational game for kids of all ages, exercising pattern recognition, basic number skills, and analytic thinking.

▫ Player vs. Computer
▪ Player vs. Player (single device—so retro!)
▫ Table-top mode, perfect for tablets
▪ AI with 7 play levels of difficulty
▫ Designed for both Tablet and Smartphone
▪ Comprehensive tutorial
▫ Ideal for adults and children ages 10+
▪ Ad-free

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Open beta release of Mbrane!

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Date published: Nov 22, 2017

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 4.0 and up

Content rating: Everyone