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Aibolit - онлайн запись к врачам Беларуси (Unreleased) APK

Search for doctors, medical services and drugs.
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The description of app by: EPAM Systems

Online appointment:
- Access to the schedule of doctors, to choose the most convenient time for a visit
- Manage visits 24/7: make an appointment, cancel or reschedule if necessary

Quick doctor search:
- Ability to search for a doctor by specialty, medical centers and the nearest available date of visit
- View and add reviews about doctors

Convenient search for services:
- List of services provided by medical centers
- Indication of services paid by your corporate program

Visit History:
- View future and past visits
- Ability to save advisory opinions and research results

Search for drugs:
- Search for the necessary medicines in pharmacies by price and distance
- Complete information about the preparations: name, manufacturer, dosage, release form and rate of dispensing
- A “first aid kit” for storing a list of medicines prescribed by a doctor
What's New
- Возможность добавления детей в «Мою семью»;
- Отображение возрастного профиля врачей: теперь можно видеть какие врачи принимают взрослых, а какие детей;
- Индикация доступности онлайн-записи на медицинских центрах;
- Возможность онлайн-записи в медицинские центры «Мед-Практика», «Форестмед», «Томография»;
- Обновлен интерфейс поиска лекарств.

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