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Current Version: 1.0.2

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Multiple Messages. One Response.

This version of SMS Auto Responder only contains the core functionality of SMS Auto Responder. The keyword and response text field is restricted to 74 characters, and limited to use for only 160 seconds. You can run this app as many times as you like!

*** New Feature Added ***
Multiple keywords can now be used separated by a semicolon.

Are you a busy salesperson? If so this is the app for you! You are able to increase the amount of sales potential by having an instant response. Take a look at the animations listed below to see how beneficial this app can be!
This is extremely handy for this holiday season as you do not have to constantly reply back to Christmas and New Years messages. Just set the trigger word to be either Merry or New Year and set the preset response message which will automatically be sent back to the recipient. HOW HANDY IS THAT !!!
This doesn't have to be used in the holiday season, you can use it for replying back to the same message about where a party address is located, or even what time a movie starts. SMS Auto Responder brings you the option to automatically reply to SMS's

It is so easy and simple to use! All you simply have to do is set a trigger word and type in a pre-set message you would like to reply with. Once someone sends a SMS with the trigger word, the SMS Auto Responder will instantaneously reply back with the pre-set message.

It even works if someone sends you a question with the trigger word in it or even if it is a sentence or phrase; just as long as it contains the trigger word!

*** Please note: This application has been tested with the default SMS app. If you're using a different sms app then this app may not work for you ***


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What's New
You can now use multiple keywords

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