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Last updated: Friday, February 5, 2021

App to Train your Pectorals with Despechados, Pushups and Push ups.

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This is an APP that allows you to train your pecs for free every day, efficiently using the proximity sensor of your cell phone.

This Application is very simple but fully functional to be able to sculpt your pectoral muscles.

The APP works through the proximity sensor of your phone, (currently more than 90% of cell phones already come with this built-in sensor, if in case your phone does not have a proximity sensor, then you will not be able to use this APP correctly).

The instructions to use this APP are very clear and are clearly detailed in the Application Menu.

The free version of this Application allows you to train with a base limit of daily jolts.If you want to train with this APP, through a more intensive plan and without a base limit, you can return to the menu and acquire the Membership offered as an option, as On the contrary, you can always use this APP for free every day to do your daily basic jolts and thus be able to maintain fortified pectoral muscles.

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Despechadas Brooks
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