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Last updated: February 2023

Basketball in numbers: Per Game, per Season including a Live-Ticker!.

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Statastic allows you to easily record all on-field actions of basketball games. The live ticker option lets you share your current score, recent actions and on-field players! Analyze the statistics after the match and get immediate insights into game numbers per Game, per Season or as averages per 36 minutes. Visually explore each game's score trend, compare team on team KPIs and celebrate the highlighted Top scorer - automatically elaborated for you based on the following actions:
* Scoring attempts and made points
* Relative score rate (%)
* Rebounds (defensive, offensive, total)
* Assists, Blocks, Steals
* Fouls, Technical Fouls, Unsportsmanlike Fouls and Fouls Received
* Double Dribblings, Travellings
* Time keeping - including Overtime

As a result you get great statistics including NBA efficiency rating, +/- Plus/Minus Index, PIR Performance Index Rating and court position heatmaps which you can share with your team and fans through mail, WhatsApp or social media.

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Statastic Basketball Stats APK 197 Update

- Share your stats online through a link
- Backups now also contain team logos
- You can now manage teams by leagues and analyze seasons by league
- The app asks for rebounds after attempts, for assists after scorings and the foul type after fouls
- You can now go forth and back in time
- Add game actions retrospectively at any game time
- The new score trend graph shows how points evolved over time

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Statastic Basketball Stats
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