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10 Food-groups Checker : simple everyday nutrition APK

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This is a simple everyday nutrition check, nutrition management app!

Main functions
- Daily input
- List display
- Graph display
- Reminder for forgetting
- CSV file input / output

Nutrition is unevenly disproportionate without knowing, and it seems that there is thing to be in low malnutrition in the era of this satiation.
It seems that there is a tendency to eat only favorite things, or tend to be short of protein without eating meat or eggs especially in elderly living alone.

Although we listen frequently to try to combine diverse foods with the goal of "30 items a day", but we can not have it quite easily.

At such time, I watched a way, introduced by Japanease TV program called Gatten, NHK. The way is only main dish and side dishes, except staple foods and luxury grocery foods, focusing on the food-group rather than the number of foods and checking the 10 food-groups. I was impressed to this, so created this application.

Five food-groups of meat, fish, eggs, soybeans, milk is protein. oil, green and yellow vegetables, seaweed, potato, fruit are five food-groups necessary to make the protein work efficiently.

The method is simple. Just check the 10 food-groups you ate that day regardless of their quantity. The goal is to ingest 7 food-groups or more per day.

Assessment is made easier to judge, 6 or less is red, 7 to 9 is green, and 10 is gold(with flower circle, Japanese called Hanamaru).

I made a weekly list, the end of Sunday beginning Monday. Because looking at the list, looking back over the situation in a week, even though busy weekdays are biased a bit, to have remaining food-groups on holidays.

You will become aware of the balance naturally. By checking the list with a check when after every meal or every day.

The total of the horizontal axis (assessment), 6 or less is red, 7 to 9 is green, and 10 is gold with Hanamaru.
The total of the vertical axis (assessment) is based on 70% or more, so 4 or less is red, 5 to 6 is green, and 7 is gold with Hanamaru.
The total of the lower right (assessment) is also based on 70% or more, 48 or less is red, 49 to 69 is green, and 70 is gold with Hanamaru.

Especially one in three to four people over the age of 70 has fear of malnutrition, and the risk of disease and nursing care increases. Let's encourage your father mother, grampa grandma, and let's have fun and healthy life for everyone.

Attention! If you are currently taking a disease or diet therapy please consult a doctor.
Attention! Please do not forcibly eat anyone who has problems with allergy or digestion in food-group.

This app uses the internet access to display the ads and analyze.

Exception clause
I assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of this app.

References, Sources

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"Muscle! Vessel! Immuno! SP that will become stronger with body with that nutrient"

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