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BACnet-O-Scope APK

  • by Dario M.
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Jul 15, 2019
BACnet-O-Scope is stable and very fast BACnet Explorer for Android.
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The description of app by: Dario M.

BACnet-O-Scope is fast and reliable BACnet Explorer type of App for Android OS. It will read all standard Objects and Properties but also all of the proprietary Objects and Properties if the follow the APDU coding standards.

This includes decoding and presentation of all primitive and complex properties. But please note that some complex properties will not be displayed. But most of them will be shown in the value list. However, this is still subject of a change considering that the App is still actively in development and each update to the app will add missing values.

WriteProperty BACnet service is supported for primitive data types together with the RegisterForeignDevice service for up to 60 minutes.

BACnet-O-Scope can also save any incoming and outgoing BACnet traffic it detects in *.pcap format. The user can then easily open this file in Wireshark and inspect BACnet traffic for them self just like it would be a normal PC desktop computer.
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v1.0 - Release

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