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Last updated: Monday, January 30, 2023

Only non-profit-backed browser with ad blocker that is secure, private & fast.

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Firefox Fast & Private Browser app

Firefox for Android is a mobile web browser developed by Mozilla. It is based on the same technology as the desktop version of Firefox and is designed to provide a fast and secure browsing experience on smartphones and tablets.

One of the key features of Firefox for Android is its support for extensions, which allows users to customize the browser with additional functionality. This includes ad blockers, password managers, and various other tools to enhance the browsing experience. Firefox also prioritizes privacy and security, with features such as "Private Browsing" mode, "Tracking Protection" and "Clear history" options which can help users to control their data and stay safe while browsing the web.

Another important feature of Firefox for Android is its ability to sync with the desktop version of the browser. This means that users can easily access their bookmarks, history, and open tabs across all their devices, making it easy to pick up where they left off on the go.

The interface of Firefox for Android is simple and easy to navigate, with tabs located at the top of the screen and a menu button for quick access to settings and other options. The browser also includes a "Reader View" which allows users to read web pages in a clean, distraction-free layout, making it perfect for reading long articles.

In terms of performance, Firefox for Android is known for its speed and stability. The browser uses a JavaScript engine called SpiderMonkey which is optimized for mobile devices, and is designed to load web pages quickly and smoothly.

Overall, Firefox for Android is a great choice for anyone looking for a fast, secure, and customizable mobile web browser. With its support for extensions, privacy-focused features and easy syncing, it is a powerful tool for browsing the web on the go.

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Firefox Fast & Private Browser APK 109.2.0 Update

* In full-screen video, swiping will no longer trigger the address bar
* Firefox now shows an undo option when removing a pinned site
* Handle the Android 11+ ask every time for camera permissions when scanning QR codes
* Search engines are now updated immediately when changing languages
* Fixed a crash that happened with large clipboard contents and the address bar
* Improved the performance of canvas when the graphics process is used
* Fixed a problem with H.264-only video calls

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Firefox Fast & Private Browser
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  • 4.6 [ 4.83M+ ]
  • 100M+ downloads