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MMORPG ONLINE: Dragon Knight Classic APK

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Play with your friends and enjoy the 3D MMO world of fantasy online gaming

Experience the full 3D sci fi game adventure in the world of Dragon Knight Classic.
Level up Your Character with this MMO origin game. the most powerfull player of the Continent called the legends of tomorrow. that holds the Crown of Castle

Official Features
[Summoner Fortress]
-Summoner Fortress Boss is multiplayer game can be proceeded 10 times daily. The Raid count resets every day at 00:00.
- The Summoners Fortress Boss can be spawned for free once a day. Additional spawn consumes unbound Diamonds.
- The Raid begins upon clicking mu the [mu] button after spawning the boss. the Raid count is deducted as the Raid starts.
PvP Duelfield Clash
- The Duelfield is where you can capture slaves by winning Duels and acquire rewards by sending them for Labor.
- You can challenge other warriors in the same rebirth and enslave by defeating them.
- Ruins Point acquired from the Fortress can be exchanged with Ruins Rune Points at [Domain > Ruins].
- The Ruins Rune Point is consumed to activate the Ruins. Activating a Ruins will increase character stats.
- Activated Ruins can be reset by consuming the Ruins Point Reset Ticket or unbound Diamonds.
Powerfull Emblem
- Emblems can now be enhanced and evolved via Emblem system.
- Emblem opens upon completion of the main quest [The Origin of the Darkness] after 8 Rebirth Lv. 1.
- Emblem can be evolved up to level 10 and each level has 10 Enhance levels.
- An Emblem can be evolved to the next level when it reaches Lv.10.
Reborn Alchemy
-Reborn Alchemy is a system where you can exchange resources like Gem, Achievement, Star Essence etc. into a whole new resource called Alchemy Point.
- you can randomly increase stats like Max HP/ Attack DMG/ DEF/ Accuracy/ Evade/ Reduce DMG/ Steal Hp/ Reflect DMG with Alchemy Points.
MMO's Summoners League war
- Clan League is an multiplayer game all-server scale league to decide the best clan of the origin Continent.
- The League has Minor Legends and Major Legends. And based on the Minor Legends results, rankers are promoted to the Major Legends.
Miracle System
- Miracle is a system where you can achieve and equip Runes to enhance skills.
- Miracle opens upon completion of the main quest [Hero's Soul] after 11 Rebirth Lv. 1.
- All new players automatically get free vip 15 as a gift from dragon knight, to get there online games experience more fun.

Dressup & upgrade your character to your heart's content!
- Hunt items everyday! and Trade with other players or you can sell all the items you don’t need or extra equipments you obtained from Defeating bosses or other quests.
- Get your new costume and dress your character and feel the most epic sci fi 3D graphics and effects.
16 years legend is rising again five classes return, adventure to the classic Summoner!
Experience an exciting real time MMORPG that lets you embark on an epic fantasy of miracle world!
MMO PvP Game Arena
A new arena stage to test the comradeship among Clan members! Through the Clan Arena game, Start your MMORPG journey and defeat other origin Clan.
- Equip and leveup your Character with powerful gears and upgrade your wings to make yourself unstoppable in the Continent.
Play with your friends and conquer other players in the immersive world of mmorpg world online fantasy!

Official Information Fanpage: https://web.facebook.com/DK.Awakening/
Facebook page: Service Support: [email protected]


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