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1.0 for Android 4.1 and up and up

Stephen Morton

A cold war strategy trump game.

Package name: sbm.trump.free

From the closing stages of World War II until the reforms of glasnost and perestroika, brilliant engineers of NATO and Warsaw Pact countries, driven by politics of fear and mistrust, were set in a continuous struggle to develop ever better aircraft. Most are now museum pieces, though more brilliant engineers keep some of them flying. Without a full-scale third world war, evidence of their relative strengths is limited to that obtained through regional conflicts.

Cold War Trumpament provides a combat tournament between the aircraft of the USA, USSR, UK, France and Sweden. A tournament is between two countries and runs from 1950 to1990, during which you purchase aircraft with the objective of destroying your adversary's targets and protecting your own. The country that has destroyed the most targets by 1990 wins.

Press the green button to take turns with attack missions.

Aircraft are categorised as fighters, bombers or fighter-bombers. A bomber is used to attack enemy targets, airfields and factories. A fighter can escort bombers on a mission or can intercept enemy aircraft. Fighter-bombers can play either role.

Aircraft are deployed to airfields. The number of aircraft that can be stationed at an airfield depends on the size of the aircraft. Touch the airfield icon to see the aircraft deployed there. Aircraft can be dragged to new parking spaces. You can have up to 5 airfields.

Aircraft are built in factories. A factory can build up to 4 aircraft at a time. Factories cost 200 to build. You can have up to 5 factories.

Players take turn initiating missions. Choose the object of the mission - target, factory or airfield. Score points by destroying enemy targets. Damaging enemy factories slows their production. Damaging enemy airfields prevents aircraft needing longer a runway from taking-off. Select the bombers and, if desired, escort (fighters) - all must be deployed in the same airfield. The defender selects aircraft to intercept the attacking aircraft - all must be deployed in the same airfield.

Attacking and defending aircraft face-off one at a time. If an escort shoots-down an interceptor, it faces the next interceptor. A bias is assigned based on a comparison of the attacker’s and defender’s maximum speeds, range, ceiling and agility. Certain targets favour individual elements, indicated by the final letter of the name: S - speed, C - ceiling, R - range, A - interception/evasion.
The amount of damage that can be inflicted by a successful attacker is defined by its A/G firepower.
What's New
First release. Play against the computer or a another player on wifi.

Category: Strategy Games , Similar

Date published: Feb 24, 2017

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 4.1 and up

Content rating: Everyone




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