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Last updated: February 2023

Cartography of the Fr cadastre, real estate sales (DVF), PLU and DPE.

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Parcelles Explorer France app

Plots Explore France

'Parcels Explorer' is a real estate mapping mobile application

It is aimed at both real estate professionals and individuals:
✓ prospecting,
✓ location of a property from an ad,
✓ information monitoring on the market, …
✓ search for real estate (house, apartment or land),
✓ estimation of the prices practiced in a sector,
✓ consultation of zones and town planning documents, etc.

It allows you to visualize for metropolitan France and the overseas departments, the various information:
✓ of the cadastre: sections, sheets, plots, buildings, swimming pools, …
✓ real estate transactions since 2014 (DVF data / Land Value Requests),
✓ street numbers (BAN)
✓ the DPE indices produced since July 2021
✓ the Local Urban Plan (PLU): urban planning zones, documents, etc.
✓ surface objects (buildings, swimming pools, etc.): footprint, nature, year of construction, etc.

The location of parcels is done easily and quickly from:
✓ his land registry number
✓ his address,
✓ of the map,
✓ the geolocation of the mobile, directly on the ground,
✓ or the plot search engine, based on criteria, real estate advertisements, etc.

The application is based on official datasets published in open-data:
✓ the cadastre (Etalab),
✓ requests for property values ​​(DVF data from the DGFiP),
✓ DPEs since July 2021 (ADEME open data portal),
✓ the local urban plan (Géoportail de l'urbanisme or GPU),
✓ the topographic database (BD Topo from IGN),
✓ the national address database (BAN)
This data is refreshed promptly after new updates are released.

The app is free with display ads for basic features:
✓ display of the cadastre,
✓ sales display (DVF),
✓ search by postal code, city, parcel,
✓ geolocation on the map.

Subscriptions are offered for:
✓ enable some map filters,
✓ show street numbers on the map,
✓ display the indices of DPEs carried out since July 2021,
✓ display urban planning zones,
✓ download the town planning documents,
✓ search by address,
✓ remove ads,
✓ display certain base maps (satellite, etc.),
✓ access the advanced plot search tool.

The advanced search tool, available only by subscription, makes it possible to identify a list of plots meeting certain criteria:
✓ area of ​​the plot,
✓ presence or absence of surface objects on the plot (building, swimming pool, lake, etc.)
✓ influence of these surface objects on the plot,
✓ search area (city),
✓ urban planning area,
✓ possibility of applying all these criteria to one or two contiguous plots.
The tool thus makes it relatively easy to find a property from a sale ad.

The application is in open beta phase.
Please be lenient on the rating 🙂

For any suggestion, remark, request, or bug report, contact us by email
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Parcelles Explorer France
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