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Last updated: April 2019

An educational app created by dentists to help you maintain good oral health.

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My Dental Care is a free easy-to-use educational guide demonstrating what you can do at home to help you protect your teeth and prevent dental problems. This app contains the latest prevent advice based on recommendations set out by Public Health England.

It was created by Dr Shivam Divani to help promote good oral health at Barts and the Royal London Dental Hospital.

Since its launch, this app has gone on to win the “App of the year” awards at the 2018 dental industry awards.

All written content has been peer-reviewed and is supported by Barts and The London Dental hospital. It has also kindly been reviewed by two great organisations in their respective fields,
British Society of Periodontology and the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry.

This preventative dental app is also supported by the British Dental Association and is signed posted on its website for use by Dental Care Professional.

There are six sections all relating to oral health which covers the main ways to protect your teeth and if it applies, your children’s teeth.

Tooth Decay
Oral hygiene
Gum Disease
Tooth Wear
Diet & Teeth
Children’s Teeth

The preventative information in this dental app is based on the recommendations set out by Public Health England. They release guidelines which are periodically reviewed and summarised in a helpful document called Delivering Better Oral Health: an evidence-based toolkit for prevention.

This Dental app is also supported by and working with The Dental Wellness Trust a great dental charity which aims is to improve the general health and wellbeing of children in both the UK and overseas.
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