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  • Version: 1.2
  • Updated on: Oct 16, 2018
Dictionary of Equation of Words and Foes English Words Complete and Easy.
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The description of app by STRING XNA

If you are looking for synonyms and antonyms in English, then you are in the right place. This app contains a complete set of synonymous and synonymous vocabulary in English. Synonyms are words that have different shapes, such as writing or pronunciation, but they have similar or identical meanings. Synonyms are often called word equations or synonyms. While Antonim is a word - a word whose meaning is opposite to each other. Antonim is often called the opposite.

The advantages of this application are:
* Application size is very small.
* There are thousands of synonymous and antonymous vocabularies.
* Comes with word search.
* Comes with the definition of every word.
* Can be opened without data packets.
* Loading super-fast apps.
* Design attractive app view.
* And many more.

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We will keep trying to provide the best for you so that all the information you are looking for can be found easily for that we provide the application of dictionaries synonyms and antonyms completely, with this application you no longer need to search the internet about synonym and antonym dictionary vocabulary , because it is available one package in this application and contains the material is very complete.
What's New
* Fix Bug
* Fast Loading
* Offline Applications
* Many Vocabulary Synonym & Antonym

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