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Bible in Tagalog. Old Testament and New Testament

Bible in Tagalog. Old Testament and New Testament
The Bible contains statements concerning the nation of Israel from the first millennium BC to the time of Christ and the apostles in the first century CE.

Tanakh or Old Testament
The Tanakh (Old Testament) contains an account of the appointment of the god YHWH to Israel and his covenant that he? S going to be faithful to God by obeying Israel has devoted his command sent by Moses. Among covenant the inheritance of Israel or Canaan? Promised Land? The protection and blessing of YHWH and a replacement of Israel obey his commandments (Exodus 6: 4).

New Testament
The New Testament contains statements concerning the character of Jesus and his message of salvation to his disciples. Jesus is the savior nagpakakilala end of the world will occur in the first century CE. According to Jesus, he will reign from his throne of glory with his apostles to judge the 12 castes of Israel (Matthew 19:28). Aside this, Jesus claimed as a god, and the Messiah who caused the conviction of her council of the death penalty (Luke 22: 66-71, John 10:33).


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